Uniform Details and Dress Code

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When you appear in the Frontier Girls uniform, you are representing the Frontier Girls name and brand, and as such must stay in compliance with our license agreement and follow our uniform guidelines.


The Frontier Girl Uniform consists of:

  • White shirt (preferably a polo shirt, but any solid white shirt will do)
  • When purchasing shirts, keep in mind that no cleavage should be shown and shirts should not be so tight that they strain against the breasts.
  • Vest
  • Frontier Girls: Red vest
  • Leaders: Navy blue vest
  • Owls: Royal blue vest
  • Navy blue bottoms
  • Skirt, skort, pants, shorts, or leggings; blue jeans are acceptable as long as they are clean, without holes and without embroidery or other colorful design work
  • Cutoffs, mini-skirts, and extreme low-waisted pants are not allowed
  • Shorts may not be shorter than fingertip length when arms are fully extended downward and skirts may not be shorter than 4