Modesty modesty2

(Discover Character)

By Kerry Cordy

Most people do not naturally possess an attitude of modesty as characterized by humility and simplicity. We instinctively seek recognition and attention. We want others to honor us for who we are and what we have done, when doing the right thing should be reward enough.

Penguin - Do 3 requirements including the 2 starred

Otter - Do 4 requirements including the 2 starred

Dolphin - Do 5 requirements including the 2 starred

Butterfly - Do 6 requirements including the 2 starred

Eagle - Do 7 requirements including the 2 starred

Owl - Do 9 requirements including the 2 starred

Once you have earned this badge, if you choose to earn it again at a higher level, you must choose new optional requirements that were not done at the lower levels or repeat those requirements. All higher level requirements may be used as optional requirements unless otherwise stated.


________1.* The way we present our outside should match who we are on the inside.  If you dress immodestly, people will assume that you also live immodestly since that is how you present yourself.

Look through your clothing and ask yourself the following questions:

Do your shirts reveal your abdomen or back?

Do you have to suck in your stomach to zip any of your pants?

Do any of your shirts or pants have inappropriate sayings on them; or sayings in inappropriate places such as across your bottom?

Do any of your jeans ride so low that your underwear can be seen?

Do any of your skirts ride excessively high above the knee when you are seated? Do any of the slits come too far up your leg?

Do your shorts show your bottom when you bend over?

Are any of your tops so sheer that others can see your bra or too low-cut, allowing cleavage to show?


If you answered yes to any of these questions ask yourself why your wear that particular piece of clothing and consider replacing it with something less revealing.


________2.* Learn to show modesty toward others.  Don’t be selfish and don’t live to make a good impression on others.  Instead, be humble, thinking of others as better than yourself.  Find an opportunity with a friend or family member to draw praise and attention to them rather than yourself.  For example, maybe you and your sister each painted a picture for your mom.  Instead of asking if she likes yours better, point out how beautiful your sister’s picture is and draw your mother’s attention to your sister’s artwork instead of your own.  Or maybe you play soccer and you scored 3 goals while your friend didn’t score any.  Instead of drawing attention to the goals you made, find something good to praise your friend about, such as a good defense or lots of energy.

For the next week, every time you find yourself seeking praise or attention, find something to praise in someone else instead.



Optional requirements:

________3.   Make a piece of artwork that shows what modesty means to you.

________4.  Have you ever wanted to be the center of attention?  Have you noticed that in order to get that attention you may behave in ways that are overly dramatic?  For one week, think about your behavior when you are trying to get attention.  Do you whine?  Do you get very loud?  Do you brag?  How does this type of behavior make you feel when you see it in others?  What is a better way to express yourself?  Also notice if you try to steal the attention away from someone else.  If your sister is getting a lot of attention because of something wonderful that she accomplished, don’t try to take the attention for yourself, but instead, praise your sister and enjoy her moment with her.

________5.  Create a collage that expresses modesty.

________6.  Write a paragraph about what modesty means.

________7.  Create a short skit about modesty and perform it for your family or troop.

________8.  For one week, keep a list of immodest behavior demonstrated in the books your read and the movies and TV shows that you watch.  At the end of the week, review your list.  Could the author or director have still told the story if they had their characters behave in a more modest manner?  If not, was the story still worth telling?  Think about what you read and watch and whether or not you need to make changes in your own behavior.

_______ 9. Find and memorize at least 1 (Penguins), 3 (Otters & Dolphins), 5 (Butterflies-Owls) famous quotations about modesty.

________10.  Choose a woman of modesty and read her biography.  How did living modestly affect her life and those around her?  Examples may include Biblical characters, women in business such as Mary Kay Ash, or even women in history such as Laura Ingalls Wilder.

________11.  Create a recipe for cooking up modesty.  What type of ingredients would you need?  Self control?  Modest dress? Unselfishness?   What quantities would you need of each and how should they be mixed together?  Create recipe cards for your modesty recipe and give them to your troop mates.

________12.  Write a short story about modesty.

_______ 13.  Using the Victorian Language of flowers make a bouquet that symbolizes what modesty means to you.  You can find the meanings assigned to the flowers at various websites or in books and you may cut pictures from magazines or webpages to create a collage “bouquet”.  Make sure you include the name and meaning of each flower that you choose.  You may make a scrapbook page using pictures of flowers or make a bouquet using real or artificial flowers.

________14.  Interview 3 people of 3 different age groups and find out their views on modesty.  Come up with at least 10 interview questions to cover topics such as dress, language, TV, etc.  Compare the answers you received to your own views and discuss them with a parent.

________15.  Look at our culture in America today and identify 6 areas in which modesty is frequently lacking.  What can you do in your own community to promote modest behavior?  Create a poster or flyer that promotes modesty and post it somewhere in your community.

________ 16. What does your book of worship say about modesty? Memorize at least 1 verse about modesty if you are a Penguin, 3 verses if you are an Otter or Dolphin, 5 if you are a Butterfly, Eagle, or Owl.

________ 17.  Take an article of immodest clothing and use it in an outfit in a modest way using layering or other techniques.

________18.  Research the dorm conditions at 6 different colleges.  How many have co-ed dorms?  How many have co-ed bathrooms?  Are there more modest living conditions on campus or would you have to live off campus if you attended this college.

________19.  Organize a Modesty Fashion Show.  Find local businesses in town which carry stylish, but modest, clothing and ask them to participate.  Put on your show for local moms & daughters.  A fun spin on this idea is to put on a fashion show that specializes in modest prom dresses.

________ 20.  Write the word MODESTY on a piece of paper and then think of one faithful act that you could do that starts with each letter in the word. For example for “M”, you could put “Make other people feel appreciated” and for “O” you might put “Observe humility”.

________21.  Drugs and alcohol diminish the brain’s capacity for rational judgment and modest behavior.  Find at least 3 organizations committed to the elimination of underage drinking and drugs in your community. Butterflies-Owls only: Dedicate at least 4 hours of volunteer service to one of these organizations.