Patriotism is a character trait we take very seriously in Frontier Girls. All meetings begin with a formal flag ceremony and girls are taught a proper respect for both flag and country. We are also a strong supporter of our military personnel and have made optional programs available to our troops who want to go Above and Beyond.


Patriot Program

Our Patriot Program is a special program designed to honor the daughters of our military men and women. These girls and their entire families make many sacrifices so that the rest of us can enjoy the freedoms that many of our men and women have fought to protect for more than 200 years. The daughter of any personnel in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard or Reserves may register as a Patriot.

Because many of these girls move frequently, sometimes it is difficult for them to join a traditional troop (although they are more than welcome to.)  All girls of military families are invited to join a special worldwide troop just for them. Our Patriot troop #911 has no official leader and each parent or guardian acts as the leader for their own daughter. The girls can stay in touch with one another through our safe, monitored, web connection where they can post pictures of their projects and correspond with other girls in the Patriot program to get ideas for future activities. When they move to a new area, they can quickly find out if there are any other Patriots around that they can get together with. This site will also have informational postings and resources specific to military families.

If a Patriot wishes to join a traditional troop, she is encouraged to do so. She will wear her regular troop numerals along with the Patriot ribbon and service flag pin in addition to her regular uniform. Any leader who is a spouse to military personnel also wears a special patriot ribbon and service flag pin on her leader uniform.


chaplainSupport a Service Member

We encourage both troops and individuals to support our service members overseas through the Any Soldier program at

Any Soldier has volunteer soldier contacts that list what personnel in their area wants or needs. They have a search engine that allows you to select a service member contact by criteria such as their military branch, location, or needs. All the service members involved are stationed overseas. You then send your support (letter and/or packages) addressed to them and when they see the Attn: Any Soldier line in their address they put your letters and packages in the hands of service members who don’t get much or any mail first. Everything is shared.

Any time your girls spend making cards or writing letters to your service members may be counted toward Servant’s Heart awards. This program is highly recommended as it really gives the girls an appreciation of the sacrifice that these men and women make, as well as that of their families, so that we can retain the freedoms we so enjoy here in the United States.



Supporting Our Veterans

Frontier Girls are strong supporters of our veterans at home. We work closely with various veterans organizations such as VFW Posts and the American Legion. Activities might include putting flags on graves on Memorial Day, serving Christmas dinner at the VFW post, or even performing tall flag routines and songs for the annual Stand Down for homeless veterans.




flag corpsFlag Corps

Frontier Girls offers an optional program called the Frontier Girls Flag Corps. This program is for any girls in your troop who are interested in performing formal flag ceremonies for events in your community. To start a Flag Corps you must have a minimum of 3 girls interested. You will need a Caller, a Flag Bearer, and one Color Guard (more Color Guards may be used if you have more girls that wish to participate). Details on performing a formal flag ceremony can be found in our Leader Handbook. Any time spent performing ceremonies for other community members count toward Servant’s Heart Awards.







tall flag1Tall Flag

Frontier Girls tall flag teams perform patriotic routines during community parades and events.  Using red, white and blue flags on 5′ flag poles they twirl to songs such as “God Bless the USA” and “The Great Defenders”.  Details for starting your own tall flag team can be found in the members only section.









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