Life Skills Achievement Award Requirements for Butterflies (Grades 6-8)

_____1. Demonstrate the ability to complete all Penguin – Dolphin Achievement tasks.
_____2. Do a complete load of laundry (sort, wash, dry, fold, and put away).
_____3. Scrub showers and sinks, including cleaning out the drains.
_____4. Demonstrate how to properly fold the American Flag.
_____5. Demonstrate the Heimlich maneuver and tell when it is used.
_____6. Demonstrate safe handling and cooking of chicken, beef, and pork.
_____7. Demonstrate how a compass works and how to orient a map. Explain what map symbols mean.
_____8. Be able to give accurate directions to your house from several different locations in town.
_____9. Demonstrate how to properly start, tend, and extinguish a fire (with adult supervision). This can be in a fireplace, wood stove, or campfire pit.
_____10. Know first aid for heat exhaustion, heat stroke, hypothermia, serious burns, puncture wounds from splinters, nails and fishhooks, an object in the eye, and shock.
_____11. Demonstrate non-swimming water rescue methods including the following: reaching with an arm or leg, reaching with a suitable object, and by throwing a line or flotation device. Be able to explain why swimming rescues should not be attempted if a reaching or throwing rescue is possible.
_____12. Plan, budget, shop for, and cook a complete meal.
_____13. Know your constitutional rights and obligations as a US Citizen.
_____14. Start a savings account and understand deposits, withdrawals, and balances.
_____15. Send an email with a file attachment and a picture.
_____16. Have a complete understanding of the monthly bills it takes to run a house (mortgage/rent, gas/electricity, water, phones, cable/satellite, internet connections, food, trash, etc.)
_____17. Know how to tell if your favorite produce is fresh and ripe.
_____18. Understand standard measurements for length, width, perimeter, area, volume, height, and weight.
_____19. Be able to round to the nearest dollar and estimate the total cost of 5 items in your head.
_____20. Be able to calculate 10% of any number in your head.
_____21. Understand how our government works at the local, state, and federal levels.
_____22. Understand our judicial system and your role within it (jury duty).
_____23. Demonstrate an organized approach to achieving goals, including identifying and prioritizing tasks and setting and following an effective schedule.
_____24. Demonstrate your understanding of time management and useful tools that can be helpful (calendars, notebooks, computers, etc.)
_____25. Demonstrate your ability to observe things around you. First, walk mile and try to remember how many cars you saw, what color they were, what type, where were they parked, etc. Walk it again and pay attention to the people you see. Were they male or female, what were they wearing how old were they, how tall, what color hair did they have, what color eyes, etc. Walk it a third time and observe the buildings. How many stories were they, how many doors and windows did each one have, what color was the main building, what color was the trim, did they pitched roofs or flat, etc. In times of war, crime, and emergencies, good observation skills become critical. To pass this requirement you do not need to have a perfect memory of everything you see. You DO need to understand the importance of observing things around you and how these details may be important in an emergency.
_____26. Properly iron a pair of pants, shirt, and dress or skirt.
_____27.Understand basic child care including how to properly hold, change, and feed and infant, child proof a room for a toddler, and provide appropriate snacks and entertainment.
_____28. Know the difference between dry clean only, hand wash, machine wash,”
tumble dry, and line dry. Understand the consequences of not cleaning an item according to the instructions.
_____29. Know the difference between different cooking terms including: fry, baste, broil, bake, saute, poach, whip, and mix.
_____30.Know what the Poison Control Center is and how to reach them if necessary.