Life Skills Achievement Award Requirements for Eagles (Grades 9-12)

_____1. Demonstrate the ability to complete all Penguin – Butterfly Achievement tasks.
_____2. Understand the concept of interest and how it can work both for and against you (investments vs. credit cards).
_____3. Interpret credit applications and recognize how to use and maintain credit.
_____4. Explain how to obtain, maintain, and cancel household utilities.
_____5. Get your drivers license. (If your state law requires you to be 18 years old, this requirement is waived.)
_____6. Be able to compute mileage and gasoline consumption.
_____7. Understand car insurance and what it does and does not cover.
_____8. Be able to read a road map and give accurate directions to the driver from the backseat.
_____9. While driving, be able to listen to and follow directions from someone reading a map.
_____10. Understand basic car maintenance including oil changes, tire pressure, tire rotation, air filters, and tune ups.
_____11. Identify consumer protection resources available when confronted with fraudulent practices.
_____12. Identify procedures the consumer can follow if merchandise or service is unsatisfactory.
_____13. Be able to interpret product guarantees and warranties and how to use them.
_____14. Demonstrate the proper use of savings and checking accounts, including the ATM and writing checks. Demonstrate how to properly maintain, and balance an account.
_____15. Understand your family’s medical history and be able to fill out a medical history form. (Ask aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc).
_____16. Be able to interpret nutritional and related information listed on food labels.
_____17. Follow procedures for applying for a job, including interpreting and completing job applications, resumes, and letters of application.
_____18. Understand procedures involved in interviewing for a job, such as arranging for an interview, acting and dressing appropriately, and selecting appropriate questions and responses.
_____19. Understand wages, wage deductions, benefits, and timekeeping forms.
_____20. Understand how to fill out a voter registration card (and where to get one), interpret a ballot, and know where to get information regarding issues and candidates.
_____21. Understand and be able to fill out a basic IRS EZ form. Understand all deadlines and penalties as well.
_____22. Be able to identify and paraphrase pertinent information, defining fact from opinion, in readings as well as in conversations.
_____23. Interpret statistical information used in news reports and articles.
_____24. Plan, budget, shop for, and cook one week’s worth of meals.
_____25. Prepare a breakfast, lunch, and dinner from scratch (no prepared or boxed foods allowed).
_____26. Prepare a complete household budget.
_____27. Demonstrate your ability to comparison shop. Understand the need to balance quality with price. The best price is not always your best deal if the product is inferior.
_____28. Understand how to check the references of someone you wish to hire. What questions should you ask? If necessary, how would you obtain a background check?
_____29. Understand and be able to use public transportation.
_____30. Understand the dangers and conveniences of purchasing items online. Know the difference between purchasing an item from an auction site verses an online store. Know your rights and responsibilities in each case. Look at a purchase form online and understand how to fill one out. If possible, actually make an online purchase. Be aware of online scams. Never use your ATM card online. Use a dedicated credit card.