Life Skills Achievement Award Requirements for Otters (Grades K-2)

_____1. Be able to complete all Penguin requirements.
_____2. Wash, dry, and brush your own hair. Floss your teeth.
_____3. Sweep the floor and use a dust pan.
_____4. Tie your shoes.
_____5. Properly make a bed.
_____6. Sort laundry for washing; fold and put away your own clothes.
_____7. Tell time on an analog clock.
_____8. Properly set a table.
_____9.  Demonstrate the proper way to hold and use a fork, knife, and spoon and where to place your napkin.
_____10. Make a sandwich by yourself (including clean up).
_____11. Pump yourself on a swing.
_____12. Ride a bike with no training wheels.
_____13. Swim 20ft without a flotation device.
_____14. Recognize the values of all US coins and be able to calculate change.
_____15. Know your complete address with zip code, and phone number with area code.
_____16. Identify and be able to use a screwdriver, hammer, wrench, and pliers.
_____17. Know what to do in case of fire, including stop, drop & roll; stay low to the ground,
don’t open hot doors, fire escape plans, etc.
_____18. Know how to treat small cuts, scrapes and bug bites.
_____19. Properly turn on and shut down a computer.
_____20. Properly insert a CD or DVD into a computer and start movie/game/music.
_____21. Write a thank you note and properly address and stamp an envelope.
_____22. Be able to identify any poisonous plants and dangerous animals in your neighborhood and what to do if you come in contact with them.
_____23. Know how to dial 911 and what type of information you will need to have ready.
_____24. Throw and catch a ball a distance of 10 feet.
_____25. Properly weed a small patch of your yard, showing how to pull weeds up by the roots.
_____26. Plant and care for a seed and then transplant the seedling to a pot or garden.
_____27. Help cook a simple recipe that includes cracking an egg.
_____28. Show an understanding of basic measurements (inch, foot, yard, mile, ounce, pound, ton, cup, pint, quart, gallon, teaspoon, and tablespoon)
_____29. Walk one mile without complaint.
_____30. Walk 10 on a 4 inch wide beam.