Life Skill Achievement Award Requirements for Penguins (Preschool)


_____1.  Know your first and last name and the first and last names of your family members, especially parents, guardians, and frequent caretakers.

_____2.  Be able to spell your first name. Know the names of your street, city and state.

_____3.  Learn to play a simple group game and wait patiently for your turn.

_____4. Assemble a simple 20-piece puzzle independently.

_____5.  Say sorry when you are wrong and ask for assistance when you need help.  Learn simple manners such as saying please and thank you, how to politely address adults, and how to request help appropriately.  Do not interrupt others when they are speaking.  Simply place a hand on their arm until you have their attention and wait for them to address you.

_____6.  Listen to and follow simple instructions involving three steps without needing to be reminded what was asked. (Ex: Put away your doll, put on your shoes, and wait by the front door.)

_____7.  Count items up to 20, write numbers up to 20,and know how to count to 50.  Also know basic shapes (circle, square, rectangle, triangle, star, crescent and oval) and basic colors (red, yellow, green, blue, etc.).

_____8.  Recognize, name, write, and sound all the letters of the alphabet and know whether or not two words rhyme.

_____9.  Color inside the lines of a simple coloring book picture.  Hold crayons or pencils in appropriate adult-grasp (with first two fingers and thumb) as opposed to a fist.

_____10.  Draw a face and be able to identify the different parts (eyes, ears, nose, mouth, etc.) and draw stick people.

_____11.  Know left from right.  Play a game of Simon Says with a parent giving you directions such as turn left or take three baby steps to the right, etc.

_____12.  Help clean your room and help make your bed.  Demonstrate that you can put your dirty clothes in the hamper and put your own toys away.

_____13.  Set the table with some assistance.

_____14.  Eat using all utensils and drink out of an open-top glass (not a sippy cup).  Use polite table manners such as chewing with mouth closed, asking someone to pass you something instead of reaching for it, and using your utensils instead of your fingers to eat.

_____15.  Cut pictures out of magazines using child-safe scissors (with parental supervision).

_____16.  Understand the concept of whole, half and quarter.

_____17.  Sort items by size, shape, color, and function (what you eat with vs. what you fix you hair with).  Be able to tell when an item does not belong.  Match objects that go together: demonstrate your sorting skills by sorting dull knives, spoons, and forks into a silverware tray or by matching socks.

_____18.  Pay attention to a storybook story and be able to briefly tell who the main character is and one thing that happened in the story.  Be able to identify the emotions of storybook characters (happy, sad, scared, etc.)

_____19. Understand what is meant by: more, less, same, equal, bigger, smaller, in front of, behind, next to, on top of, inside, outside, up, and down .  Learn simple opposites (up/down, hot/cold, etc).

_____20.  Sing simple songs, and repeat simple rhymes. Be able to sing a simple, single-verse song with all the words (like Itsy-Bitsy Spider, Mary had a Little Lamb, or Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star).  Be able to clap in a rhythm.

_____21.  When getting ready for the day, brush your own teeth and get yourself dressed, including getting your shoes on the correct feet.  Brush your own hair. Demonstrate the ability to operate zippers, snaps and buttons

_____22.  Know how to cross the road safely using Stop, Look & Listen with parental supervision.

_____23. Be able to pour milk or juice with some assistance; clean up spills, getting your own cloth. Help make a salad for dinner, including washing vegetables and tearing lettuce.

_____24.  Hop on one foot for several steps and jump and land with both feet together. Stand or hop on one foot for 10 seconds without losing balance.  Jump 6-inches with both feet together.

_____25.  Throw a ball straight to another person and catch a ball thrown to you. Kick a large ball forward 10 feet without losing balance.  When someone throws the ball, be able to catch it from a straight-arm position, trapping it against your chest.

_____26.  With parental supervision, put your face under water at a swimming pool or lake and blow bubbles.

_____27.  With your family establish an outdoor meeting place in case of a house fire, and develop a family stranger danger secret code word. (If someone you don’t know does not know the family secret code word, you shouldn’t go anywhere with them).

_____28.  Learn how to behave safely around animals you don’t know.

_____29.  Be daytime potty trained.  Properly wash your hands with soap, and know when hand washing is needed such as before eating or after using the restroom.

_____30.  Understand the basic difference between healthy and unhealthy foods