Thousands of Possibilities!

Frontier Girls has made a commitment to write a badge for just about anything a girl wishes to learn about.  There are thousands of badges to choose from and more are added every month. All badges are available at each age levels and are structured so that the girls constantly spiral back and review information and skills if they earn the badge at multiple age levels.

Areas of Discovery

All Frontier Girls badges are divided into nine Areas of Discovery.

There is a master alphabetical list as well that lists all available badges.  Keep in mind that some badges qualify for two or more Areas of Discovery depending on your focus.  For example, if you earn the Biographies badge for Albert Einstein, it would fall under Science and Technology, while earning it for Vincent van Gogh would fall under Art.  Many badges are written with general requirements that can be customized to earn very specific badges, such as our Animals or Book badge.  All badges are custom made to order. The possibilities are endless!

You can download sample badges from the Curiosity Untamed website as we use the identical badges. To view additional badges, you must purchase a membership to Frontier Girls.

How to Earn Badges

Each badge has two mandatory requirements for each age level and then a set number of optional requirements the girl may choose from to complete her badge.  The number of optional requirements needed is dictated by the age of the girl.  Of the mandatory requirements, the first is always to complete the mandatory requirements of all lower levels.  This is to ensure that a girl builds her knowledge from the ground up and does not miss out on any important information.   While some of the requirements may be overly simplified due to the fact that they were written with younger girls in mind, the knowledge or skill is just as important for the older girls and usually quite simple to complete.

Keep in mind that the same requirement done by both a Penguin (preschooler) and an Eagle (high schooler) should look vastly different in execution.  The knowledge and skill expected out of a Penguin is much less than what is expected out of an Eagle. For example, a Penguin mandatory requirement in the Electricity badge states, ” Help an adult make an electric potato clock or similar science project involving electricity.”  As a Penguin, the adult will end up doing most of the work on a project like this with the Penguin simply helping out.   If earning the badge as an Eagle, this requirement is still mandatory, but the Eagle should either be able to build a simple device like a Potato clock on their own, or a more advanced device with the help of an adult.

In addition to the mandatory requirements, girls have to complete a certain number of optional requirements as well.  These requirements simply add more information or skills about the subject at hand and can be used to help focus the girl on the aspects of the badge subject that interest her the most.  Additional optional requirements may also be written if a girl has an opportunity to learn something about the subject that may not yet be listed.

Re-Earning a Badge At a New Age Level

If a girl has earned a badge at a younger level and is re-earning it at a higher level, she still has to go back and repeat the lower level mandatory requirements.   If the requirement is knowledge based, to complete it she must either show that she still has the knowledge she learned at a lower level, or re-learn it.  If it is skill based, she should show improvement since demonstrating the same skill at a younger level.

Girls are encouraged to choose new optional requirements when re-earning a badge, but they are welcome to repeat previously completed optional requirements as well.  It is expected that if optional requirements used at a lower level are used again when re-earning a badge at a higher level, that the quality of work or understanding has improved.  For example, if a girl goes on a field trip to a dairy farm as an Eagle, she should retain a lot more information then when she went as an Otter.

The more often a girl re-earns the same badge, the more her knowledge and skills will be retained which is why we have the girls spiral back and redo lower level mandatory requirements.  The idea is to repeat and reinforce the information at each level while adding new information and skills as the girls grow.

What Do Badges Look Like?

Frontier Girls badges are 1 1/4″  steel spring-back pins (not patches) and sell for $1.10 each.  The colored ring around the outer edge represents the age level the girl was at when she earned the badge.

Pink – Penguin (preschool)

Yellow – Otter (grades K-2)

Blue – Dolphin (grades 3-5)

Green – Butterfly (grades 6-8)

White – Eagle (grades 9-12)

Grey – Owl (adults 18+)

Red – Leaders (badges taught, not earned)

Have a Badge Idea?

We love when our members submit badge ideas to us for review. You can email us at with any idea for a badge we do not already have. You are also more than welcome to write requirements for the badge you submit. The format we use can be found on any badge page. Please allow up to 4 weeks for your badge to be reviewed, edited where necessary, created, and posted to our website.