Frontier Girls Newsletter - September, 2011 - Issue #1

A Note From the Founder...


I have wanted to put out a monthly newsletter for quite some time now, and had set September as the goal for my first issue.  While I had hoped to have this out by the first, I guess better late than never.  Like the Frontier Girls program, I hope that this newsletter becomes a grassroots project, and that each of you will find ways to contribute.  If you have something you would like included, please email me with everything from your classified ads (Frontier Girls uniforms and supplies only please!), to nominees for Girl of the Month, to full articles you think might interest others.  Without input from our members, Frontier Girls would not be the program it is today.


First Annual  Leader/Daughter Jamboree

Cost $100 per person

Cordy's Pond

17040 Austin Lane

Cottonwood, CA


Join us for our first Leader/Daughter Jamboree.  We will be camping at Cordy's Pond to keep the cost down and tents will be provided.    Activities and training will include canoeing, crafts, trail marking, geocaching, compass and map reading, outdoor cooking, fire building, and more.  If you do not wish to camp, the nearest hotel is approximately 30 minutes away.  Check the Frontier News for more upcoming information.


(Nearest airports are Redding, CA (30 min) or Sacramento, CA (2 hrs))


Badge of the Month - Apples


Every month we will be offering a new badge at a 10% discount ($.89 per badge).  For the month of September the badge of the month is Apples.  You can find the complete requirements for the Apple  badge in the Discover Agriculture section of our badge list online.

Because this newsletter is a little late, the Apples badge will be on sale until October 15.  Below are a few activity suggestions you may enjoy while working on the Apples badge:


  • Make candle holders out of apples.  Cut a circle the diameter of a small tea light candle and about 1/2 deep out of the top of an apple.  Place the candle in the apple and light.  Use a variety of different colored apple candle holders for a beautiful center piece this fall. (Do this only with older girls who have had knife safety training.)


  • Make apple stamp note cards by cutting an apple in half, dipping it in paint and stamping it on a folded piece of cardstock.  Add a short inspirational quote and tie a stack of cards and envelopes with raffia ribbon for a nice gift.


  • Make shrunken apple heads by peeling an apple, and carving a face into it.  Make sure to make the facial features large enough that they do not disappear when the apple dries.  Soak the carved apple in a solution of 1 cup lemon juice and 1 TBS salt for 30 seconds.  Put your apple in a dry spot for several days until the head is shriveled and shrunken. (This is a great project for older girls working on their pocket knife badges as well.)


  • Make apple cupcakes.  Make cupcakes using any apple muffin recipe.  Make sure to fill the cups almost full so that your cupcake/muffin has a rounded top.   Frost with cream cheese frosting tinted red or green.  Use a small pretzel stick for the stem and cut a green leaf out of a green fruit roll, and you have cupcake apples.


  • Have a baking party and make a variety of apple recipes.  Examples might include apple muffins or quick bread, hot apple cider, baked apples, or traditional Waldorf salad.


Goin' Somewhere...

Field Trip Ideas for This Month


  • Hike through the woods before the weather turns, and enjoy the fall leaves.
  • Visit a local apple orchard and pick your own apples.
  • Visit a nursery and find out how they grow the plants they sell.


Top Ten

The top ten most popular badges earned over the summer were:





Tips and Treasures

Ideas and Tips from our Members


  • Print your sign in sheet on the back of your Troop Meeting Planning Sheet (located in the forms section).  This way you will always know which girls were at which meetings and exactly what badge requirements they have completed. (Kerry Troop #101, CA)


  • Make your own Frontier Girls pony tail holders by tying red/white/blue ribbons onto hair ties.  (Sylvia and Diana Troop #109, TX)


  • When camping, play marshmallow games:  Who can kick it, blow it, etc. the fastest.  (Monica Troop #114, NC)


If you have a favorite craft, activity, organizational or record keeping tip, or any other tip or treasure you wish to share with other members, please email it to with the subject line, "Tips and Treasures".



Girl of the Month

Charlotte Duke


Troop #109


Charlotte has been a Frontier Girl since 2008, and has embraced every aspect of our program.  The oldest in a multi-level troop that extends all the way down to Penguins, Charlotte plays quite a leadership role within her troop.   She works on a variety of badges and awards at home in addition to what she learns with the troop.


At the Butterfly level, Charlotte earned her Gem Award.  As part of the process, she had to earn her Make a Difference Award, but living in a remote rural area, this proved to be a problem.  It is hard to lead a community service project when you literally do not have a community to serve.  Being the resourceful girl that she is, she coordinated with girls from Troop #101 in CA to work on an internet service project serving Frontier Girls.  The girls divided up the nine Areas of Discovery and searched out websites that members could use as resources for each badge.  Her mother has spent the last year checking out each individual website and editing out those that may not be acceptable.  While some of the sites are already listed, we have a lot left to go and will hopefully add the links by the end of the year.


For her Eagle level Make A Difference project, Charlotte has decided to take her original project one step further.  She wants to encourage girls and parents to write their own badges and share them with other Frontier Girls.  In the last year, Charlotte has written quite a number of badges herself, such as the Mind Puzzles Badge that we will be posting this month.  She is also helping girls and parents across the country write badges.  Charlotte wrote an addition to our handbook for this year specifically addressing how to write a badge.


If you would like to help Charlotte with her project, please contact the Frontier Girls offices and we will be happy to put you in touch.


If you have a girl you think should be featured in Girl of the Month, send her story to with the subject line, "Girl of the Month".


Make A Difference

Suggested Service Activities for the Month

  • Honor the victims of 9/11 by attending, performing at, or helping with a local ceremony.
  • Start a book drive for your local school or library.
  • Gather school supplies to donate to schools, foster children, or homeless shelters.




This month's contest is an essay contest.  Write a short essay about why you like being a Frontier Girl.  Winner's from each level of Frontier Girls will be posted online and will receive an 8" x 8" American Flag tote bag.  Email essays to: no later than Oct. 15.




Pointers for Patriots

 If you are a Patriot Frontier Girl with a parent, or care giver, in the military you might be interested in: is a website where military families can get information regarding special discounts available to the military.  For example, members and their families are eligible for preferred pricing on Kenmore Brand appliances through the Sears Commercial Club Rewards Program. Contact your Appliance Consultant Ruben Castillo via email at or by phone 305-470-7875 for further information. This offer is not available in Sears retail stores. Mention Rewards #CU074566.   Check out their website for more deals.



The blog below lists roughly 200 stores that offer military discounts.







For Sale:


Used Frontier Girls Motto T-shirt

Used, white Frontier Girls T-shirt with eagle and "If you see a need, take the lead!" .  Size child large.  One small yellowish stain near the collar and two small brown stains on the body.  Great for wear during messy Frontier Girls activities. $3 + $3 shipping.  Contact Kerry Cordy at


FG uniform pieces for sale:

Two navy skirts for sale, one cotton (women's 12) and one wool (women's 6-8); three white short-sleeve polos (size 14-16 teens), and some Navy & white tennis shoes (size 9 from Hanna Anderson).  Despite the varying sizes, my daughter wore all these while she was in junior high.  Doreen Olson , 530-241-2066 after 9 a.m. or


Used Frontier Girls T-shirts

Used light blue t-shirts with Frontier Girls logo on pocket area.   I have 3 youth S, 1 youth M, 4 youth L, and 1 youth XL.  $2 each plus $3 shipping.  If you purchase more than one, I will combine shipping and keep it as in expensive as I can.  Contact Kerry Cordy at


Used Pleated Navy Skirts

Three navy skirts for sale, 1 youth size 14 reg, 1 youth 6X, and 1 youth 8.  All have pleated fronts, straight backs, and built in shorts.  $4 each plus $3 shipping.  Contact Kerry Cordy at


Used Red Frontier Girls Sweatshirts

I have several used red sweatshirts with the Frontier Girls logo on the pocket area.  The logos have turned a pinkish color on most of the sweatshirts.  1 youth S, 2 youth M, and 1 youth XL.  I also have one zip from hooded sweatshirt size youth S.  $2 each plus $5 shipping.  Contact Kerry at


Used Navy Pants

One pair of navy pants size youth 14 reg.  $2 plus $5 shipping.  Contact Kerry at