Girl of the Month

fg-symbol-newWe love recognizing our members for their accomplishments in Frontier Girls! Here is a list of our picks for "Girl of the Month" dating back to February 2016. If you have a girl you would like to nominate, please email us at

girl of the month julyAugust 2016 | Amelia Nankivell, Otter, Troop 193

Amelia Nankivell joined Troop 193 in 2013 at three years old. As a Penguin, she has earned her Life Skills Award, Liberty Award, Discovery Award, and her WOW! Award. She has earned 104 badges at the Penguin level. Amelia has recently advanced to Otter and is well on her way to her next Discovery Award. Amelia is a cancer survivor and co-authored the Childhood Cancer Awareness Badge with her father. Earning various Frontier Girls badges helped Amelia stay active and involved during her hospital visits and cancer treatments. Amelia is a local Make-A-Wish Representative and has earned three Servant's Hearts through various community service activities. Amelia's favorite part of Frontier Girls is spending time with her troop friends and earning the various badges. Congratulations, Amelia! You're amazing!





image3July 2016 | Amanda Piccirillo, Owl, Pioneer

"When I joined Frontier Girls in December, I never knew how exciting and
rewarding it would be. I have always been involved in Girl Scouts and was looking for a way to be more than just a leader to a group of girls. While I enjoy leading others in badgework and activities; its often what they are interested in. I didn't get the opportunity to explore and investigate the things I wanted. I stumbled upon Frontier Girls and I was ecstatic! Finally I had a way for me to explore and earn badges. It was a way for me to branch out, meet new people and learn about new things. I discovered that there is a badge for everything and if there isn't you could always write your own.
In the past six months since joining I have earned 116 badges in all 9 areas of discovery. I've earned my Liberty Award and my Majors in Character, Knowledge, Arts and the Outdoors. I'm 10 hours away from completing the 100 hours needed for my first Servant's Heart. After I finish my Servant's Heart, I plan on working on the remainder of the Majors as well as finishing my Fruit of the Spirit Award. Lastly I am always looking for penpals or SWAP partners. This summer I am trying to collect postcards from each of the 50 states. So feel free to contact me if you are looking for a fellow
Frontier Girl!"


June 2016 | Zoe Hillegas, Dolphin, Troop 144

Zoe Hillegas is a 5th grade dolphin from troop 144 in Pennsburg PA. Zoe has been in our Frontier Girl's troop for 4 years. She is also a 3 year member of our tall flags team. She has marched in 2 Memorial Day parades and also in 2 Halloween parades. She is always offering to help with set up, clean up and with the younger girls. If the troop needs someone to help at a booth, Zoe is there and can promote Frontier Girls really well because she believes in Frontier Girls. She is active in her Sunday school and bible club as well. In school she is a member of Girls on the Run, a girl empowerment club. While in our troop Zoe has earned many servant hearts as well as her otter make a difference and is currently finishing up her dolphin make a difference award. Zoe is collecting peanut butter and jelly for local food pantries and homeless shelters in our area. Her project was going to be collecting at her school but she was not satisfied with how much was collected so she has now gone to another local school and asked if she could also collect there. She set her goal and is not going to settle for less. Zoe was my first girl to earn the WOW award. She has also earned the liberty award, discovery award and fruit of the spirit award. She is currently working her hardest to complete one item to earn her life skills award before she steps up to the next level. I know she'll do it!




May 2016 | Emily James, Butterfly, Troop 213

Emily is an 11-year-old Butterfly from Troop 213. She is one of the leaders in her troop and has displayed a great amount of leadership, even expressing to lead one of her troops meetings in January. She chose a painting craft using the bottom of a water bottle for a flower stencil. It was great. She has logged 43 hours of community service in the past year bringing her Dolphin total to 8 servant's hearts. She is nine badges shy of earning her WOW! Award and Fruit of the Spirit Award, but should complete them by the Fall. She has earned all nine Discovery Awards. Emily is very active in her troop and is also an Altar Server at her church. She is the youngest of six children.







20160329_200222April 2016 | Karl Simmons, Butterfly, Troop 122

Kara Simmons joined Troop 122 as an Otter in 2010. As an Otter she earned the Topaz Award. Her greatest challenge was the swimming requirement for Life Skills. As a Dolphin, she earned the Sapphire Award and WOW! Award.

Kara became a Butterfly in May 2015. She has earned at least 28 badges since then and 2 Servant's Hearts. Over the summer, Kara tackled her Butterfly Make a Difference project with Vacation Bible School at her church. She became manager of Donations and Borrowed Items. She was in charge of soliciting, collecting, returning, inventorying, and acknowledging items that were borrowed and donated for decoration and supplies for VBS. She led a team to publicize and collect. She labeled items, kept records, found storage for them, and led a team in returning the items and writing thank you notes. She then wrote good notes for the next person to do this task. Kara has even indicated she may do the task again next summer.

Kara's favorite things about Frontier Girls are friends, new knowledge, and sparkly awards. The Crochet badge is among her favorites from the last year. Kara counts meeting Kerry Cordy in 2014 among her favorite memories. She also enjoys periodic visits to a nearby police station that she adopted as her Dolphin Make a Difference project in 2013. Her parents are thankful with the challenges and opportunities that Frontier Girls provides for their whole family.




aubreyMarch 2016 | Aubrey Scholle, Otter, Pioneer

Aubrey Scholle earned her WOW! award as an Otter. She has earned 121 Pins as an Otter. This is her first WOW! award.  Earning awards has been a great pastime for her. She started Frontier Girls at the age of 4 and she has never looked back. She was in Troop 172 in Maryland and is now a Pioneer in Elyria, Ohio. Aubrey earned her GEM award at both the Penguin and Otter levels. She volunteers her time at a local soup kitchen monthly.  Her favorite pins to earn have been Candle Making, Yoga, Junior Ranger Mammoth Cave, and Olympics. Her favorite camp was our Fruits of the Spirit camp, where she earned her Fruits of the Spirit award as an Otter.







haleyFebruary 2016 | Haley Hutter, Troop 159, Dolphin

Haley Hutter is a Dolphin with Troop 159 in Colorado who has been with us a little over two years.  Haley is a quiet girl with a sweet spirit who is always willing to pitch in and help out.  She was very shy when she first started, but over the past year has really pushed herself to try new things, especially in the area of leadership.  When given the choice of leadership positions this year, Haley wanted to be Patrol Leader and is doing an excellent job.  She is an outstanding example to all the girls in her listening, cheerfulness and follow-through.

Haley is very involved in sports and because of her schedule misses meetings frequently in the spring and fall.  However, she decided to work on her Gem Award before she crosses over in May.  She has worked hard at home and made a commitment to come to extra meetings to get the requirements done.  I am proud to say that she is almost finished with her Make a Difference project - her final requirement.  Haley is collecting donations of handmade and store-bought warm clothing for the city's many homeless people.  She has shown great leadership in working on this project - recruiting friends to make handmade items, speaking in front of our large troop to solicit donations, decorating a large collection box  and sending out reminder e-mails. We are really proud of how Haley is living out the Frontier Girl ideals.