(Discover Science & Technology)
by Kerry Cordy

        All girls must have a parent or guardian's permission before logging onto the Internet.

Otter:  Do 4 requirements including the 2 starred

_____ 1.*  Talk about Internet safety rules with your parent or guardian.   Make sure that anytime you are on
the Internet that you obey the rules your parent or guardian has set up.   Safety rules should include things
like where and when you may log onto the Internet;  never giving out personal information such as your
name, address, or phone number without permission; telling a parent or other adult if you receive mean or
other emails that make you uncomfortable;  tell an adult if you come across any information or websites that
make you uncomfortable; and not opening websites whose description does not match what you were
searching for.

_____ 2.*  Learn how to use a search engine such as Yahoo or Google to find information on things you are
interested in.  One quick tip is to add the word “kids” to your search.  Most of the time this will bring up kid
oriented sites on the subject of your choice.  For even safer searching, use search engines such as “Kids
Tools for Searching the Internet” at or “Yahoo Kids” at

_____ 3  Learn where the front and back buttons are and what they do;  the home button;  the refresh
button; the stop button; and how to switch between tabs.

_____ 4.  Find and play a kid's game online.  Many toys and TV shows have their own websites with games
attached to their home page.  Some examples are Barbie, Cyberchase, and the Veggietales.

_____ 5.  Learn what the Favorites or Bookmark button is and how to add sites to it.

_____ 6.  Check out the Frontier Girls website at and see what is on it.  We update
several times a year, so check back now and then and see what is new.

Dolphin:  Do 5 requirements including the 2 starred

_____ 1.*  Do Otter requirements 1, 2 and 3.

_____ 2.*  Learn what the Favorites or Bookmark button is and add at least 8 sites to  it.  Then learn to
organize your favorites or bookmarks into files.  Finally, learn how to delete an item from your Favorites or
Bookmark section.

_____ 3.  Use the Internet to find the following information:
What is the largest active volcano?
What was the largest denomination of American currency ever  produced?
Who is the world's smallest dog and what is his name?
Where does the Ugli fruit grow?
What will the weather be like in Redding, California this week?

_____ 4.  Check out the Frontier Girls website at and see what is on it.  We update
several times a year, so check back now and then and see what is new.

_____ 5.  Choose a subject and find at least 5 websites that have information on the subject you are looking
for.  Then rate each website as to the following criteria:
A.  How fast did it load?
B.  How easy was it to find things?
C.  How attractive was it?
D.  How much information did they have on your subject?
E.  Was the information age appropriate for you?
F.  Would you recommend this site to your friends?

_____ 6.  Visit  and follow links to at least 3 different websites, each in a separate subject.  For
example you might wish to visit the “Energy Kids Page” for science, the “How Maps Are Made” link for social
studies, and the “Cryptokids” site for math.

_____ 7.  Know the meaning of the following Internet terms:  browser, chat, email, bookmark or favorite,
search engine, web site, link, refresh,  logging on, logging off, password, pop-up,  and loading.

Butterfly:  Do 6 requirements including the 2 starred

_____ 1.*  Do Dolphin requirements 1 and 2.

_____ 2.*  Send an email, copy someone on an email, forward an email, reply to an email, and send a picture
or other attachment with an email.  If you wish, you can send an email with a picture of your troop attached to for posting on our website.  Just make sure you have your troop leader's permission

_____ 3.  Use the Internet to help you with at least one school assignment.

_____ 4.  Find out what the difference is between websites that end with .com, .net, .org, .gov, .uk, and .au.

_____ 5.  Learn how to download music to your computer.  Make sure you follow all copyright laws and only
download legally free music or pay

_____ 6.  Online shopping has become not only convenient, but quite affordable as well.  Compare prices
both on the Internet as well as in the stores for something you are looking to purchase.  Don't forget to factor
in the shipping costs.

_____ 7.  Log onto Mapquest ( and learn how to get directions from your house or troop
meeting place to somewhere you would like to visit.

_____ 8.  Log onto and type your address into the search bar.  An arrow should show
the position of your house on a map.  Then click on the button called “satellite” in the upper right corner of
the map.  The map will change into a satellite photo of the area that you can zoom in on.  Can you see your
house?  Sometimes the map is a little bit off, but if you look around, you can usually find your home.

Eagle:  Do 7 requirements including the 2 starred

_____ 1.*  Do Butterfly requirements 1 and 2.

_____ 2.*  Find out how to access your antivirus program on your computer.  Make sure that it is up to date.
Find out what other components you have protecting your computer such as a Firewall or Anti Spyware
program.  Know what these components are and how they work.

_____ 3.  Create your own web page using either HTML or a Web authoring program.  You can create a web
page for your troop, family, self, or even your community.  Decide what information you want to include and
how you want your Web site to look; then write the copy, scan and upload pictures, or create artwork for your

_____ 4.  Find out what a “blog” is and find at least three blogs on an issue of your choice.   Adult
supervision is required for this activity.

_____ 5.  Use the Internet to research different colleges you may be interested in attending.

_____ 6.  Internet auction sites such as Ebay are becoming a popular way to buy and sell items.  Choose an
auction site and learn the rules and costs for both buying a selling an item.

_____ 7.  Find out about a job that involves working with the Internet.  What education and experience is
required?  What is the average salary and hours worked per week?  Can this job be done from home?  Some
examples of Internet careers include a web designer, security specialist, Internet systems administrator, web
manager, digital artist, or software developer.

_____ 8.   Find out more about where you live and what there is to do in your community by using the
Internet.  Using keywords such as “travel”, “visit”, “museum” “activities”, “vacation” , or  “to do”  along with
your town or county can lead to some interesting results and activities that you may not have been aware of.
Try typing in “history” with your town name to find out about your town's history, or “services” to find out the
services your community provides can tell you things about your town that you may not have known before.

_____ 9.  Pretend you have $3,000 to take your family on a vacation.  Use the Internet to find flights, hotels,
rental cars, activities, maps, etc. that you will need for your vacation.  Make sure you stay within your
budget.  Print out the information and put together a dream travel report with your findings.