Note From the Founder - New Google Docs!

Frontier Girls are now implementing Google Docs as a way for members to get more involved both with the program and with each other.  As most of you know, our new Penguin level for preschoolers just rolled out this year and many of our badges do not have designated Penguin requirements yet.  Sylvia Duke from Troop #109 in Texas decided to spearhead a project to help get the badges updated as quickly as possible and has recruited the help of women all over the country.  In coordinating the project another wonderful member, Melissa Nicolaysen from Troop #103 in New York, came up with the idea of using Google Docs so that everyone could work on the project together without repeating what someone else was already doing.  This worked so well, that several other Google Docs have been started.

For those who are not familiar with Google Docs (I just discovered them myself thanks to these wonderful ladies), they are online documents (word documents, spreadsheets, or presentations) that can be updated by whoever has the link or has been given permission.  Any changes are instantly saved and you can see who has been working on a document and when it was last updated.  They are a wonderful resource if you plan to work on a project with other Frontier Girls around country and want everyone to have access to a specific document.

We now have a new page in the Members Only section called "Files" that has linked to a variety of Google Documents that you can use and participate in.  If you would like to help us update older badges to the newer format and add Penguin requirements, you can register to work on a badge by clicking on the link to the appropriate Google Doc.  We also have a document set up for our Wish List of Badges.  If there is a badge you would like written you can add it to the list and if you would like to help write one, you can make a note to let others know what you are working on so that they do not repeat what you have already done.  Yet another Google Doc was started to make a list of community service ideas.  Please feel free to add your ideas.  If you would like to start a Google Doc to share with other members, just email me the link and I will be happy to add it to our list of files.


How to Earn Repeat Badges When You Advance Levels

There have been several questions recently regarding the protocol for earning badges again that were already earned at a lower level.  I will update the handbook to explain this a bit better, but thought I would address it here in the meantime.  If a girl earns a badge at the Dolphin level and then wishes to earn it again at the Butterfly level, she must repeat any starred requirements at all lower levels.  If the requirement is informational in nature, hopefully she retained the information and she can sign off this requirement quickly.  If she forgot the information, she needs to relearn it.  With skill based requirements, she needs to repeat the requirement to help practice and maintain the skill and hopefully do it even better now that she is older.  For optional requirements, a girl can choose all new requirements or repeat those she has done before but with a more advanced skill level while adding a few new requirements to the mix.  Again, for those requirements that are informational in nature, as long as she can show she still knows and understands the information, she can sign off those requirements.

The object in making the girls constantly repeat themselves at each level is to consistently spiral back and review the information and skills they have learned so that they do not forget it.  For example, if a girl earns the Pizza badge as an Otter at age 5 and tours a pizza parlor, when she earns the badge as a Dolphin at age 9, and again as a Butterfly at age 12, she would need to tour a  pizza parlor at each level to sign off this requirement.  As she ages, the information and understanding she gets from this tour will change and expand.


Double Dipping and Mixing Badges

Another question that keeps coming up is that of "Double Dipping", or using the same project to count toward more than one badge.  Many leaders are against double dipping, but personally I encourage it.  Double Dipping can not only teach girls time management skills by combining projects, but also shows them how a variety of different subjects can be studied at the same time and how they interact. For example, last year my girls were earning their Hawaii badge and put on a luau, fulfilling requirements from a variety of badges in the process.  As part of the luau, the girls had to learn manners, make invitations, learn how to introduce and welcome their guests, send thank you notes, etc. (Etiquette badge).  They learned some Hawaiian songs and a hula to perform as their entertainment (World Dance, Singing, and Performance).  They made their own grass skirts and leis (Knots and Costumes Around the World).  They learned about the foods of Hawaii and each made different recipes (Cooking and Foods Around the World).  Instead of just throwing the Luau for the Hawaii badge, I was able to show the girls all the different things they were learning through this one project and how they could be used in their lives.

As a homeschooler, I learned how to take a single topic and use it to teach a variety of subjects.  Frequently called Unit Studies, they incorporate math, science, history, reading, and writing into a single topic of interest.  For example when the girls made Thanksgiving dinner, they had to learn the history of Thanksgiving, understand the science behind cooking, use math to adjust recipes and figure out cooking times, etc.  This same concept can be used when earning badges (and for you homeschoolers, our badges are the perfect start to a Unit Study).

Some ideas for mixing badges and fulfilling requirements using a single project might be:

Build a bird house - This can be used to fulfill requirements for Woodworking (build something from wood), Birds (learn about bird habitats), Crafts (learn a new craft), Math (use accurate measurements in a project), Art (use tole painting techniques to decorate), etc.

Make crafts for a fundraiser - This can used to fulfill requirements for Crafts (making different crafts), Entrepreneur (learning how to make and sell your own product), Math (learning to make change), Marketing (deciding on the best place to set up your booth and how to make signs and fliers to advertise it), Charity (give the money you earn to a charity) etc.

Cook a seven course meal for your family or friends -  This could be used to fulfill requirements for Cooking (learning different cooking methods and safety), Chef (learning how to make a meal special and who plays what roles in a restaurant), Food Presentation (learn to make your food look inviting), Garnishes (learn how to make garnishes to enhance the look of your food), Food Around the World (choose food from different parts of the world for each course),  Baking (make a baked dish), Table Setting (set the table appropriately for your guests), Etiquette (learn proper table manners), Hostess (learn how to treat your guests), Math (reducing recipes and calculating cooking times), Chemistry (understanding the science behind how things are cooked), etc.

As you can see.  A single activity can educate your girls on a variety of subjects, you just have to think outside the box a little bit and show them how much they are actually learning.  So if you ever wonder if "Double Dipping" is allowed in Frontier Girls, you bet!



New Badges Released This Month

Leave No Trace          Circus          Dental Hygiene          Letterboxing           Seashells          Torah Study

New Alphabetical Master Badge List   

A new page has been added to the website with an alphabetical master list of all of our badges.  This page is still incomplete, but we are slowly adding links to all the badges.  Each badge does list the Area of Discovery in which it can be found though, so you can at least figure out where to look it up until all the links are complete.  We have so many badges now that the list is very long.  Soon we will probably have to break the page into several separate pages such as A-G, H-M, N-S, T-Z.  If anyone has any better ideas for making badges easier to find, please email Kerry at



Girl of the Month - Kristine Cordy


Kristine Cordy is a 12 year old Butterfly in Troop #101 in Redding, CA.  As the daughter of the founder, Kristine has been in Frontier Girls since the very first day and has played a very active role in the development of the program.  With a love for graphic design and animation, she is currently working on learning a computer program to develop new advertising and training videos for Frontier Girls.  The first of these should roll out next fall.

Kristine loves photography and crafts and has several websites of her own.  Recently she came up with the idea of adding a page to the Frontier Girls website that would link to websites hosted by other Frontier Girls such as the water website that Zoee (a Dolphin from RI) put together to teach others about the importance of water, as well as her own websites with her photography and custom crafts.  If your daughter has a website, either informational, or selling a product (such as on Zazzle or Cafe Press), please email me the link anda  brief description and I will add it to the page.  To visit the new page, go to Frontier Girls - Supporting Sites.

Are You a Patriot?

The question has come up as to whether or not girls with immediate family members who are veterans, but no longer active military, can still wear the Patriot ribbon and military service pin on their Frontier Girls uniform.  While these girls may wear the Patriot ribbon, they may not wear the military service flag pin as they do not have a member of their family currently serving during a time of war.  Due to the number of requests from girls with veteran parents, we will be stocking pins representing the each military branch to our shop by the end of June.  Therefore, if a girl has a parent, step parent, sibling, or step sibling, that is either currently serving or is a veteran, they may wear the pin representing the appropriate branch of the military .  If a girl is being raised by a grandparent or other guardian who is active military or a veteran, she may also wear the Patriot ribbon and appropriate pin.  Only girls with family members currently serving may wear the service flag pin however.


Izzy's Craft Corner

Let's pay tribute to our American symbol of Freedom, the United States Flag.  Here are three projects that create proper illumination for small American flags according to the federal flag code.  Visit Izzy's Craft Corner on the website for complete instructions.

Supporting Our Soldiers

Thank you to all the girls and troops who have been supporting our soldiers overseas.  Whether you are supporting men and women from your own home town or supporting those in Bagram with the rest of the Frontier Girls, your gifts are appreciated.  Several of our troops from all over the country have been sending packages with everything from snacks, to blow up swimming pools, to comic books and puzzles.  Check out our facebook page to see a few of the thank you comments the soldiers have posted


There were no entries for the May contest.

The June contest is to be the first person at your level to find the hidden eagle in our website.  The picture below is hidden somewhere in our website.  It could be on any page, top or bottom.  Email which page you find the eagle on to with your name, level and mailing address.  The first person from each level, including adults, will win $5.