newsletter topper Issue #21 - May, 2013

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fg patch2

New Items - FG Patches and Year Stars

Frontier Girls continues to grow and add more to our program.  After many requests, we year starhave added a Frontier Girls logo patch to our store that sells for $1.99 each.   These embroidered patches are 3" x 2.5" and can be sewn onto hats, totebags, jackets, etc.   In addition we are now offering "year stars" to mark how many years you have been with Frontier Girls.  Each small red star represents 1 year as a Frontier Girl.  The stars are worn on the level ribbon of the year of membership.  Blue stars for leaders will be available soon.




New Badges

Confidence, Scrabble, Airplanes, Learn About Minecraft, Lace, Renewable Energy, Nail Art

SCRABBLErenewable energylaceMINECRAFTairplanesnail artconfindence
















day camp]AZ Frontier Girls Day Camp?

by Hilda Blaine - Troop #184


Troop 184 in San Tan Valley, AZ would like to put on a Frontier Girl's Day Camp.   A couple of us put on a Cub Scout Day camp here in March, and we would like to offer something for our Frontier Girls. We would like to try to find out how many people would be interested in attending an event like this.  We are thinking about an "Around the World" or "Pioneering" Theme for the camp. We have a couple of location ideas, but really it would depend on how many girls are interested in coming. ... We would like to order camp shirts and have event patches made for this event also.  Please let me know if this is something you would be interested in, and we can go from there.  Contact Hilda Blaine at for more information.



million misfit socksLife Lessons From Elizabeth – Million Misfit Sock March

Hi,everybody! Happy Springtime! This month, I am going to share about my newest project: The Million Misfit Sock March! I was selected as a Lead Student Ambassador, and am doing a lot of different things over the next seven months in preparation for it. There is a patch program that is really simple to participate in, you have to complete three tasks to earn your patch. The first thing you have to do is tell ten people about the Million Misfit Sock March, and what it is about. The second thing you have to do is get somebody to join with you in wearing misfit socks on the day of the March, Friday, October 25. Finally, make posters and take pictures to share! You can order your patches for $2 each at

I have lots of neat ideas to get people in my community involved. Here are a few ideas for your troop or family to try:

*  Host a poster and essay contest, with age divisions and prizes.

*  Organize mini marches each month to promote a celebration of differences and stand against bullying.

*  Create a sock chain (this would be where each person brings in a sock they have decorated to reflect their unique selves and the socks are all hung together in a chain) at school, your troop, church, etc.

*  Hold a sock drive as a charity (donate them to the shelter or some such).

*  Challenge your family, church, and local clubs to participate

*  Put together Misfit Sock displays to set up at the public library, county fair, and other public locations

*  Create Misfit Sock Brigades, like mini-clubs of participating members with sock badges to pin on your chest.

How to make a sock badge to show you are a member of a Million Misfit Sock Brigade:   

1. Procure an infant sock.  (Optional: Decorate the sock to match your personality.)

2. Trace around the sock on a piece of cardboard from a cereal or macaroni box.

3. Cut out the sock, slightly inside the outline.

4. Put the cardboard cut out inside the sock.

5. Hot glue a pinback or hand stitch a safety pin to the back side to pin it to your clothing or totebag. You're ready to pin it on and take a stand against bullies! socks 005

socks 006  socks 007socks 008socks 009








Additional ways to use this idea:

  • Follow steps 1-4, then do one of the following:
  • Hot glue or stitch it to a headband or hair barrette.
  • Add a loop and make it into a necklace.
  • Make two, with different designs, and hotglue them to the springs on a bobbly-headband.
  • Sew to a felt strap and make a bracelet.
  • Attach a jumpring and turn it into a keychain.





newsletterNeed Newsletter Items

We need entries for the following newsletter sections: Tips and Treasures - Send us your great ideas for making Frontier Girls easier and more fun.  These might be organizational tips for meetings, great websites for badges, or anything else you think might benefit other members. Girl of the Month – We would like to highlight a different girl each month and tell how Frontier Girls is making a difference in her life.  If you have a Frontier Girl that you think would be a good role model for others in the program, please send us her story and attach her picture. Activities and Adventures – Has your troop done something fun and unusual?  Send us pictures and a write up so that we can show others what you are doing and give them some inspiration to try new things. Fundraising - Do you have some tried and true fundraisers you could share? Games - We would love to give instructions for various games, both indoor and outdoor, that you troop enjoys playing and would like to share with others. Pointers for Patriots – Know of any tips, websites, or discounts for military families?  Let us help you spread the word to other military families in our program. Amazing Volunteers – Is your troop leader outstanding?  Do you have a parent helper that really keeps things running smoothly?  Maybe you have a fundraising coordinator that helps your troop raise funds for its activities.  This is the place to give them a little public credit and a thank you for all they do. If you would like to send in articles or ideas for any of the categories above, please email them to with the subject line Newsletter.






Youtube/Godtube Contest! – May 31 Deadline!!!! - Last Chance!

Help us promote Frontier Girls by creating a short video about what Frontier Girls means to you or your toop and posting it on Youtube, Godtube, or any other public video Internet outlet of your choice.  There will be two prizes, $100 for the best video featuring a Frontier Girls troop, and $50 for the best video featuring an individual Frontier Girl. Complete rules are as follows: ELIGIBILITY: This contest is open to all registered members of Frontier Girls and their immediate family.  The following individuals are not eligible, members of Kerry Cordy's immediate family and members of Frontier Girls Troop #101. TO ENTER: (a.)  Create video about what Frontier Girls means to you or your troop and post it on Youtube, Godtube, or any other public video Internet outlet of your choice.  Email a link to your video to along with your name, and troop # if it is a troop entry, and your complete mailing address.  Entries must be received no later than May 31, 2013.   You may enter as many times as you wish. (b.)  Submissions may include materials which are in the public domain or for which you have obtained the prior written permission or clearance of the owner.  Submissions must not incorporate or include anything that violates any law or the copyright, trademark, publicity right, privacy right or any other right of any third party. (c.)  The words, “Frontier Girls” must appear in the title of the video. (d.)  Any video that uses profane language (including in music lyrics attached),  or in any other way disparages the name of Frontier Girls, will be required to be removed from the Internet immediately and the entry will be disqualified. (e.)  Each video may only be entered one time.  If more than one person in a troop submits the same video, the first person to submit the video will be considered the official entrant.  Any disputes regarding troop video submissions will be taken up with the registered Frontier Girls troop leader of that troop. (f.) ANY ENTRY THAT DOES NOT SATISFY ALL REQUIREMENTS OF THESE OFFICIAL RULES WILL BE DISQUALIIFIED. SELECTION OF WINNING ENTRIES: Judging of the submitted entries will take place between June 1 and June 15, 2013.  The currently registered members of Troop #101 along with their parents will act as the judges.  Entries will be judged on the following criteria: (a.)  How well the video conveys what Frontier Girls is all about. (b.)  Creativity (c.)  Quality of the production There will be one winner of $100 for the chosen video submitted featuring a Frontier Girls troop, and one individual winner of $50 for the chosen video featuring an individual member.   Winners will be announced in the July 2013 Frontier Girls Newsletter.  Links to all submitted videos will be posted on the Frontier Girls website.

May Find the Eagle Contest 

Our American Eagle has yet again hidden himself somewhere in our website. Everyone who finds the correct page that the eagle is located on will be put into a drawing to win $5 for their level.  Help us improve our search engine ratings by clicking on as many pages as possible until you find the eagle seen below.  Then email with your name, level, and mailing address along with which page you found the eagle on to be entered in the drawing.  Very few girls are currently entering this contest, so you odds of winning are quite good! contest eagle

Winners for the April Find the Eagle Contest 

Penguin: none

Otter:  Meagan Wright

Dolphin:  none

Butterfly:  none

Eagle:  none

Adult:  none