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Issue #24 - August 2013

A Note From The Founder - Visit To Washington D.C.

As I write this note, I am sitting at my cousin's house just outside Washington D.C.  While visiting for a family reunion, I have been fortunate enough to be able to extend my trip to not only see all the wonderful sites of our nation's capital, but to visit with some Frontier Girls as well.  Troop #172 in Baltimore was kind enough to host my daughters and me at one of their meetings.  It has been the highlight of our trip so far.   We blew bubbles, made decorated visors, and created a variety of pipe cleaner flowers and animals.  The best part was watching the girls not only perform a formal flag ceremony, but actually say the Pledge of Allegiance in sign language.  The girls truly made me proud and their leaders are amazing!

Kerry Cordy

rallyhoodNew Rallyhood Sites

In an effort to make it easier for troops to communicate with their members we have set up a Rallyhood website for each troop, as well as several large groups of Pioneers.  These sites are ready to be used and require no special knowledge of web design or programming.  Each individual site is completely private and open only to members of that specific troop.  The features include:

  • Messaging - correspond with other members in the troop all at one time, or private message someone.
  • Troop calendar - this can be easily synced to members personal calendars if they wish and will send reminders in the morning if you have anything scheduled that day.
  • Sign ups - create online sign up sheets for potlucks, volunteer positions, snacks, etc.
  • Photo gallery - share photos of your girls with other members of the troop.
  • Files - upload forms, meeting plans and other files that need to be shared.
  • Pay/Donate (optional) - if you wish to link your site to your troop bank account, members can pay dues and other fees online or make donations to the troop if they wish.

The Rallyhood sites make it easy to keep your troop organized and I highly recommend you make use of them though it is not required.  If you currently have a troop website you are welcome to keep it.  An invitation was sent to each troop leader to become the Admin of their troop site.  If you are a leader and did not receive an invite, please email me at

New Badges Released this Month

Drug Awareness,    Jigsaw Puzzles


drug awareness

Sorry, no picture yet for the Jigsaw Puzzle badge








cheyenneGirl of the Month - Cheyenne Fleming

Cheyenne Fleming, a Dolphin Patriot from Florida is our girl of the month.  She was recently honored for her activities in stamp collecting and we would like to share her story.

Youth Night - Stamp Collecting

 By Randall Priest

Before the program for Youth Night, the prizes for the exhibits from SUNPEX were awarded. Cheyenne had entered a one frame exhibit about dinosaurs [Picture 1]. She was awarded a special youth award. And then to our surprise her exhibit was chosen as the ‘People's Choice'. So another certificate and prize, was collected by Cheyenne [Picture 2].

The program was "What is a Cover?" After a short description of an envelope and how it made ready to go to the post office. By going through the mail an envelope becomes a cover. It now has a cancellation that tells us a story about where the cover has been.

Next we talked about what a "stamp less cover" is and why it has no stamps on it. Also the fact that the receiver pays the postage, not the sender.

Each of our youth received some prizes and then Larry Stiles told a story about Peter Francisco. This was a very interesting story that also had a connection to Lafayette.

After receiving more prizes we dumped a pile of stamps on the table to go through and find the stamps with the items that I called out. The first to find the stamps would get a First Day Cover and some stamps.

A great time was had by all.


(If you would like to nominate a girl for Girl of the Month, please email the details and a photo to


seedmoney$500 Seed Grants from

If you are working on a Make a Difference project, gives away a $500 grant to youth under age 25 every single week.  To apply, you will need:

  • A budget detailing how the $500 will be used
  • A recommendation from a non-family member
  • Photos and video of your project (optional, but recommended)
  • Your project's website  (optional, but recommended)

The money may not be used for fundraising purposes and must actually be spent on specific items such as soccer balls for a soccer camp you plan to put on, or building supplies if you plan to build something.  For more information visit their website at:


contestSummer Fun Photo Contest!

1st place – $50

2nd place – $25

3rd place – $10




(a.)  Take a photo of you or your troop in either Frontier Girls uniforms or t-shirts doing something fun this summer.  You MUST be recognizable as Frontier Girls.  Email it to along with your name, troop #  and your complete mailing address.  Entries must be received no later than August 31, 2013.   You may enter as many times as you wish.

(b.)  Submissions must not incorporate or include anything that violates any law or the copyright, trademark, publicity right, privacy right or any other right of any third party.

(c.)  All participates do release to Frontier Girls any right, title and/or interest of any kind they may have in photo submitted.  These photos may be used for promotional or publicity purposes and may be published in mass media publications, in Frontier Girls newsletters and other Frontier Girls publications, on Frontier Girls' internet site, or shown on television or movie presentations. The member and family's last name may or may not be used.


SELECTION OF WINNING ENTRIES: Judging of the submitted entries will take place between Sept. 1 and Sept. 15, 2013.   Entries will be judged on the following criteria: (a.)  How well the photo conveys what Frontier Girls is about.

(b.)  Creativity

(c.)  Quality of the photo.

Links to all submitted photos will be posted on the Frontier Girls website.

ELIGIBILITY: This contest is open to all registered members of Frontier Girls and their immediate family.  The following individuals are not eligible, members of Kerry Cordy's immediate family and members of Frontier Girls Troop #101. (If girls from Troop #101 wish to enter, contact Kerry for an alternate contest)