Issue #26 - October 2013


wolfNote From the Founder - A New Level?

A new age level has been suggested and I would like to get everyone's opinion on the idea.  As you know, leaders and Pioneer parents are currently allowed to wear badges and awards on their vest that they have taught to their troop/daughter.  In Troop 157, "Dingo" is an adult volunteer with no children of her own, but who loves to work on badges.  She is the third person to ask me if we can add an adult level to the program.  She suggested we call it the wolf level and use grey ribbons.  As an adult who also loves to work on badges, this idea appeals to me.  My mother lives in a senior retirement apartment complex and she and her friends have also expressed an interest in earning badges.  My question is does this idea fit with Frontier Girls, or should I just consider adding it to our Quest Clubs program?  Any input would be greatly appreciated.  Please respond on the fgleaders Yahoogroup so that we can get a discussion going.  If you are not a member of the Yahoogroup, please join or email your comments to


Kerry Cordy

Updated Badges

When  Frontier Girls first started, we did not have a Penguin Level, so many of our badges have been out of date.  Thanks to Francine and Sylvia and now a new volunteer, Chana  Barak, more and more of our badges are now written in a uniform manner and reflect the new Penguin Level.  Yet again I would just like to say thank you to these wonderful ladies as well as the many other parents and leaders around the country who have been so willing to pitch in by writing badges, spreading publicity, sharing ideas and supporting our wonderful  program.  Without all of you Frontier Girls  would never be the fantastic program that we all love.

New Badges

Learn About Microsoft Office

microsoft office









tshirtsFrontier Girls T-Shirts Now Available

We are now carrying Frontier Girls t-shirts in stock.  Shirts are available in both red and navy blue and sell for $14.99 each for youth small, med, large or adult small, med, large, and XL ($16.99 for adult sizes 2X-5X) .  These shirts are a great alternative to formal uniforms for messy activities such as crafts, camping, hiking, etc.   At this time our stock is limited so back orders may occur while we gradually increase the number of shirts we can carry.  Keep this in mind when you order and plan ahead as we cannot guarantee delivery time.









veteran heartNew Veteran's Service Flag Pin Now Available.

All girls and leaders who have a member of their immediate family who is a military veteran no longer on active duty may wear the Veterans Service Flag pin in their honor.  Pins are $4.99 each






heartFrontier Girls Creed Flip Book

by  Leanne Scholle, leader of Troop #172 in Baltimore, MD
Have your girls make simple picture flip books to help them learn the meaning of the parts of the Frontier Girls Creed.
For Each Girl You will need:
10 pieces of 4" x 4" cardstock   (one for each of the nine character traits and a title page)
1 printout of each phrase of Creed on 3.75" x 3.75" paper
1 printout of the Frontier Girls Logo on 3.75" x 3.75" paper
2 binder rings
hole punch

Decorate each piece of cardstock as follows:

Title Page -
Love: we used a heart drawn with a magic marker and the kids colored it in with red bingo stammers (Foam shapes from the dollar store make great stencils)
Joy: smile face that the girls colored in with highlighter
Peace: dove cut out from a dollar store. cut out glued and then the girls use glitter to outline the dove
Patient: We used the shape of a stop sign and added numbers to make it look like a clock used a Brad to add hands
Kind: We used a handprint of the kids they used white paint on green paper for us but you can use what you like and it stands for kindness because you're willing to give a hand to othersGood:  Angel cut out from the dollar store and then litter glue to give the angel a Halo
Faithful: We used a cut out of a cross to Stand for faithfulness and the girls Used glitter to decorate and we had crucifix stickers as well
Gentle:  We used a butterfly cut out from the dollar store and then used  different star stickers to make symmetrical wings. gentleness made ha think of butterflies
Self control:  We an  outline of lips that the girls colored because self-control had us thinking of what you say
 On the backside of each page in the book glue a computer printout of that phrase of the Creed so that girls could look at the picture and then look up and see the backside of the previous page and see those words written out as well.  When everything is dry, punch two holes on each piece of cardstock and link together with binder rings.
Alternate activity for older girls:
Use 9 white bathroom tiles available at any hardware or Home Depot for like $0.50 each and use black acrylic paint to outline the symbols/shapes from the creed (heart, smile face, dove, clock, handprint, angel, cross, butterfly, lips) Then paint and decorat those shapes so that all nine tiles are colored. Then line them up and frame them with quarter round trim to make a plaque.



leavesOctober Community Service Ideas


  • Conduct a community service project during the Big Help Day in October.
  • Offer safety tips for youngsters during Halloween.
    Create a campaign to encourage biking and walking.
  • Conduct a clothing repair or sewing workshop for needy people.
  • Distribute leaf bags during the fall encouraging residents to clean leaves from their streets and yards.


Misfit_Sock_March-2Celebrate Your Inner Misfit!

The Million Misfit Sock March 

 Friday, October 25, 2013, the start of, National "Make a Difference" Day Weekend

Find the perfect pair of misfit socks to sport on Friday, October 25 to celebrate our individual differences and stand up against bullying.

We are all different, but sometimes our differences can make us feel like we don't fit in or don't matter, especially when we are bullied because of those differences.

Help inspire millions to embrace their inner misfit and wear their misfit socks on this day.  Tell your friends, family, classroom, church, and community and take the pledge to participate.  We need you!

Click The Million Misfit Sock March above for more information or go to

YOU + MILLION MISFIT SOCK MARCH = empowerment unmatched
National Outreach Coordinator: McKenna Kiefer
Communication Coordinator: Maddie Kiefer

The Million Misfit Sock March - Patch Program by Patchwork Designs
Friday, October 25, 2013 the start of "Make a Difference Day" Weekend!
The March is all about building community and spreading the word that our differences matter; that it's important to celebrate who we are and what makes us different.  Take a stand against bullying, too!
To earn a patch:
1. We ask participants to pledge to tell 10 people about The Million Misfit Sock March and what it is about.
2. We ask that each participant encourage at least one other person to wear misfit socks on October 25.  If you can get more people to wear misfit socks, great.  Get your school or community involved.  It's simple, fun and sends a powerful message that our differences can unite us all.
3. This last step is optional, but FUN.  Make posters, take pictures, make a video of your experience.  We will post pictures and videos on Misfit University for all to share, to learn from and to be inspired by....
We are grateful for your interest! Patches can be worn on the back of your Frontier Girls vest.
You can order patches at Patchwork Designs: