Issue #78 - March 2018


A Note From the Founder - Grassroots Power!!

by Kerry Cordy

It never ceases to amaze me how generous our members are.  For those of you who are new to the Frontier Girls program, you may not realize what a grassroots group we are.  When I started Frontier Girls in 2007 it was never with the intent to become a national (now international) organization.  I just wanted to create a quality scouting program for my girls and their friends to enjoy.  As more people discovered what we were doing, the word spread and 11 years later we have troops all over the country as well as in a few international locations.  As much as we have grown, I have always tried to keep the infrastructure as small as possible in order to keeps costs low for everyone involved.  In the 11 years we have been in business we have never yet had to raise our prices and the reason for this is the participation of our members.

Frontier Girls is run from the basement of my mother's house with myself as the only full time employee and a couple of teenagers who help out a few hours a week.  Ever wonder where our badge requirements come from?  Look at the authors, they are from members of all ages.  Years ago I ran out of time to keep writing new badges, so our members took over that job.   Now whenever a girl wishes to learn about something new, she has the opportunity to write a badge and submit it to share with others.  While we edit the badges before posting, the basis for each badge is submitted by a Frontier Girl member or parent.  Ever wonder where the sample meeting plans in the leader section came from?  You can thank Katie Lundquist, leader of troop #159, who has been kind enough not only to share some of her favorite meeting plans for new leaders, but has also been willing to help write new ones for struggling leaders.  Ever wonder where our Frontier Girls holidays came from (March 4th - forth and Leader Appreciation Day) they were ideas put forth by members.  Even our Penguin and Owl levels are ideas of our members.  Every photo you see of the girls is sent in from various leaders and families and are actual Frontier Girls, not models.

The Frontier Girl members truly live our motto, "If you see a need, take the lead!"  Yet again, they saw a need and immediately jumped in to help out.  As Frontier Girls has grown, it takes more and more of my time just to keep the day to day business running and with the increased costs over the last few years, I cannot afford to hire more employees without significantly raising prices on everyone which I refuse to do until absolutely necessary.  As a result, our monthly newsletter was becoming quite sparse.  Rather than complain, several Frontier Girl members from all over the country, both adults and girls, put together a private Facebook group in order to surprise me with tons of submissions for upcoming newsletters.  As a result, this is the first newsletter in a very long time with TONS of news, ideas, and resources.  I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends and such dedicated members who are generous with their time and talents and who love this program as much as I do.  Without the help and input of our members, Frontier Girls would not be the fabulous program you have all come to enjoy. 

If you would like to submit something to share for our newsletter, please email it to with "Newsletter" in the subject line.  You can share stories about what your troop has been doing, your favorite craft project, snack, meeting plan, field trip, service project, etc.  To all of you who help to keep Frontier Girls going, THANK YOU!!!!


New Badges:

Polymer Clay







How to Write a Badge

by Megan Lundquist, Leader & Owl with Troop 159

I love writing badges and sharing with other Frontier Girls! Following the requirements of the Badge Writing badge in the Knowledge Area of Discovery is a great way to make sure you are doing it right, but often people ask how hard it is or what it really looks like. So here is what I do.

I pick a topic I love or want to learn about and see if there