Issue #82 -July 2018


A Note From the Founder - New Warehouse!

by Kerry Cordy

On August 1, Frontier Girls will be moving to its first commercial space.  As many of you know, for the last 11 years Frontier Girls has been run from my home with my mother's basement as our warehouse and "headquarters".  Due to my mom's advanced Alzheimer's we are selling her home and for the first time will be renting a commercial space for Frontier Girls.    I am excited about this upcoming change and the ability to have a dedicated space for Frontier Girls to grow in. 

As a result of this move, any orders placed between Aug. 1 and Aug. 7 will be delayed as we shift everything from one space to the other and get ourselves reorganized.  Please be patient with us as we may be a bit disorganized for a few weeks, but we will process and ship orders as quickly as possible once we are settled in.



Prices Going Up - Lock In Current Prices Now!

by Kerry Cordy

In the last 11 years, Frontier Girls has never had a price increase, but with increasing product costs, the CA minimum wage going up from $10 an hour to $15 per hour, and moving both the main office and warehouse to new locations in higher tax areas, we are being forced to raise our prices in order to keep operations running.  As a result, on September 1, 2018, membership fees will be raised to $29 for individual memberships and $58 for family memberships.  Troop memberships will remain at $50.  All current membership subscriptions that are enrolled in auto-renew through Paypal by August 31, 2018 will be grandfathered in at the current cost of $25 for individuals and $50 for a family.  If at any time the auto-renew fails due to incorrect or expired information, a new account at the increased price will be needed to continue to use to the program.

In addition to membership fee increases, badges will also be increased to $1.10 per badge.  Our annual badge sale will still take place during the entire month of January so plan accordingly as badges will be reduced back to $.99 for the month of January.  Just remember that badges are made to order and are non-refundable so don't order more than you need.


New Badges

Solar Eclipse,          Saints (Specific) Badge,   






Troop #144 - The Largest Frontier Girls Troop in the Nation

Honoring Karen Britton - Leader Troop #144

Troop #144 in Pennsburg, PA is the largest Frontier Girls troop in the nation.  Lead by Karen Britton and an army of dedicated volunteers, their troop size has swelled to up to 54 girls participating.  Their accomplishments this year were noteworthy enough to get them in the local newspaper with more than 500 badges presented and more than 500 hours of community service recognized. 

Over the last seven years, Karen has become a master at troop recruitment with their annual Teddy Bear Tea being their biggest success.  The troop hosts the tea during their regular meeting so their girls can have fun with the event too.  Adult helpers work with the girls while Karen talks to any new parents to give them info on the troop.  The event starts with a flag ceremony and a brief explanation of what FG do. Then they then divide the girls into 3 groups.  Each group goes to one of 3 stations.  The stations are run by Butterfly level girls, but overlooked by adults just to make sure.  Stations include songs (such as Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear etc),  games (which include relays using the teddy bears) and the last station is the craft station where they decorate a teddy bear.   One year they even turned plastic easter eggs into tea cups for the bears. The girls switch stations until all 3 groups do all 3 stations. When the stations are done the event concludes the evening with a tea party of finger food and drinks and hopefully some new Frontier Girls.



Beth's Badge Challenge -

Fire Safety in Honor of Yarnell 19

by Beth Vicoryosmanson


Beth is sponsoring another badge challenge!  The deadline for completing your entry will be August 30. Completed entries should be emailed to with the subject line "Yarnell 19."  Your email should include contact information for your leader or parent.

June 30 marked the fifth anniversary of the deaths of the Granite Mountain Interagency Hotshots.  Beth knew this fire crew personally, and was devastated by the loss.  We want to promote fire safety, especially during the summer, when wild land fires are so common. 

To complete the challenge you must do the following:
1. Earn the Fire Safety badge
2. Earn the Kindness badge.
3. Do something in your community to promote appreciation for firefighters.  Provide photos or other documents of your actions.
4. Learn who the Yarnell 19 were, and why they are important.  Share a paragraph in your email.
5. Do something in your community to promote fire safety, especially outdoor recreation fire safety.
Bonus points: find out what Kerry Cordy's connection to the Yarnell 19 is.

Summer of Service - Give Time to Our Veterans

Participate in the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs Summer of Service and volunteer through one of the many volunteer programs that they organize.   There are opportunities for all ages, but especially for teens and young adults looking to gain experience in the medical community.

Student volunteers are an important part of the VA medical centers' treatment team. They will receive valuable experience and training which will benefit them in applying for college and jobs. The James H. Parke Memorial Youth Scholarship Award provides scholarship opportunities to students who volunteer at VA medical centers (your local VA health care Voluntary Service staff has current nomination criteria). Student volunteers are liaisons with their communities and provide a valuable element of caring for Veterans. The VA Voluntary Service program offers students excellent opportunities for:

  • exploring health care career options;
  • gaining experience in a health care environment;
  • learning new skills; making new friends;
  • qualifying to be nominated for James H. Parke Memorial college scholarships

There are many opportunities to explore in the Student Volunteer Program. Here are just a few of the services and specialties available to student volunteers:


Audiology and Speech Pathology Outpatient/Ambulatory Care Activities
Extended Care Occupational Therapy
Information Technology Patient Escort
Laboratory Medicine Pharmacy
Medical Administration Physical Therapy
Medical Illustration Research
Nursing Social Work
Nutrition and Food Service  

A wide variety of assignments are available. Volunteers are selected according to the needs of the medical center, assignment preference and skills. Training is provided by Voluntary Service at each medical facility and the supervisor of the department to which volunteers are assigned. Orientation will be conducted to acquaint you with services available at the medical center where you serve.

Visit  for more information. 


Barnes & Nobles Summer Reading -

Get a Free book!

by Suzanne Vicoryosmanson

Want a way to motivate your kids to read this summer? Barnes and Noble offers a reading program for kids up to sixth grade, where in the reader can earn a free book! Kids read eight books, fill in the form provided by the store (or through this link), and return it to the store. There is a list of over two dozen wonderful children's books to choose from, in all reading levels up to sixth grade. They even offer a few titles in Spanish, if your child wants to practice a foreign language! This can apply to the Reading badge as well as a variety of badges such as Book Specific, Biography, poetry, etc based on what books your child reads, so head to your local Barnes and Noble to get started!



Paper Plate STEM Projects

STEM Activities for Kids is a great website for a variety of crafts, games and activities to explore STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) concepts.  The link below takes you to simply STEM challenges you can do with just paper plates

5 Easy STEM Challenges You Can Do with Paper Plates


Paper Bag Sea Otter

This is one of the cutest projects for our Otter level that I have stumbled across and comes complete with free printable templates and a link to learn more about sea otters.   The Animals Specific - Otters badge could be earned while they about the animal their level is named after.

Paper Bag Sea Otter Craft for Kids with Free Printable Template


The Maryland Historical Society Upcoming Events

If you live anywhere near the Baltimore area, the Maryland Historical Society has some amazing events that was specifically designed with Frontier Girls badge work in mind.

#1Colonial Market Square on Saturday, July 28th!

Interact with Colonial vendors and buy a bag of boiled salted peanuts, dip your own beeswax candles to take home or try your hand at our rope making demonstration. Families, students, scouts and adults will all enjoy this unique summertime opportunity in our Colonial Market Square.

All day activities 10am-5pm: Rope making demonstration, puppet show, corn cob dolls, Native American campfire, Colonial games for children, cooking demonstration, boiled peanuts, soap vendor, living history interpreters, Native American goods, Native America body painting, Colonial dance, Colonial picnic area 

Special Activities:

11am-12pm   Colonial Musket Drill 

1pm-2pm   Colonial Pocket Making

2:30pm-3:30pm   Colonial Candle Making

4pm-5pm Colonial Musket Drill

Pre-Registration Required—Register Now!

$5 per person (children 3 and under FREE) (includes museum admission)

FREE parking in our parking lot

Discover Knowledge Historic Era - Colonial Badge fulfillment: Frontier Girls


#2.  The Historic Girl: Storytelling Traditions

Sunday, September 16, 2018  10-12:30pm

With the help of a living history interpreter, Girl Scouts will be immersed into the traditions of African American folktales. Scouts will examine the power of words and imagination while learning how slaves used storytelling as a connection to their cultural heritage and to communicate their hopes and fears. Girl Scout Juniors will work on fulfilling their SCRIBE BADGE through participation in this program. This program will fulfill the DISCOVER ART-STORYTELLING BADGE for Frontier Girls.

$15 per scout

Advanced registration required

Discover Art-Storytelling Badge fulfillment: Frontier Girls


#3.  The Historic Girl: Toy Making Workshop (STEAM)

Saturday, December 1, 2018  10-12:30pm

Let's make toys! Our friends from Open Works will bring their maker technology here to us to design, create and program our own working toy.

$15 per scout

Advanced registration required

Science & Technology-Robotics Badge fulfillment: Frontier Girls


For more information contact

Maryland Historical Society

201 W. Monument Street

Baltimore, MD 21201

Margot Kopera - or call 410-685-3750 x343