Issue #86 - December 2018

Paradise, CA (photo credit: LA Times)

A Note From the Founder - Many Thanks

       2018 has been quite the chaotic year and I just wanted to say thank you to all Frontier Girls and Quest Club members for your patience and support.   It never ceases to amaze me how how our small grassroots community can come together in a crisis.  With the added expenses this year of moving both my home and the Frontier Girls office  to a city and county with high taxes, our scholarship program was in danger last spring of being put on hold.  While we were able to come with the funds on our own, the fact that so many members offered to pitch in or emailed with various fund raising ideas, was inspiring as everyone rushed to support our young ladies heading off to college or trying to advance their education.

Next came the Carr Fire where a third of our city was evacuated and over 1,000 homes were destroyed.  Everyone's patience while we shut down the office to help our community and house those who were displaced was greatly appreciated.  I did not receive a single a complaint about late orders or delays in communication and the understanding and emails of love and support were amazing.

While our own city has been busy trying to recover from the fire this summer, a few weeks ago the Camp Fire just south of us destroyed the entire town of Paradise, destroying nearly 14,000 homes as well has hundreds of businesses and costing at least 88 lives with more than 130 still missing.  Once again the Frontier Girls office shut down briefly as we all did what we could to help.  My daughter lives in Chico, the nearest town to Paradise and about an hour south of Frontier Girls headquarters.  Many Frontier Girls members sent care packages or support for the fire victims and we drove everything down to Katie to distribute directly to people who lost their homes.  We are so very thankful that so many sent support and that patience was again exercised while communication with the office was slow and orders were delayed.

Traditionally Thanksgiving week is a slow time and I always give the employees the entire week off to spend with their family and just work by myself.  This year at the beginning of the week my husband was in a freak accident and broke several ribs so yet again the office was closed while I stayed home to care for him until he could move on his own again.

I feel like every few months during 2018 I was sending out notices that the office would be closed and shipping and communication delayed.  After 12 years though, our members have become much like a large extended family and where I could not be present, other leaders stepped in to answer questions for others via Facebook; when shipping was delayed, no one complained and people started sending in orders early to give us more time to fill them.   All delayed communication was met with sympathy and understanding and not once during this entire year of upheaval did I receive an irate email or phone call.  You all have no idea how much that means to me.  Thanks to all of your love and prayers, 2018 is drawing to a close and we are growing faster than ever.  Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and happy holiday season.

My love and thanks,

Kerry Cordy

New Badge Released:

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Holiday Cards for Dementia Patients

Cassie Toner is collecting holiday cards to give her her dementia patients in a long term care home.  Many of these patients have not received a visitor in more than 3 years and she is looking to brighten their holiday. If you are looking for a fun community service project while working on your greeting card badge or paper crafting badge, make some simple cards with happy sayings in them and mail to:

Cassie Toner

1307 Swanton Rd.

Oak Harbor, WA 98277

January Badge Sale!

Our annual January badge sale will take place from January 1 through Midnight January 31st.  All badges will be $.99 for the entire month.  All badges are made to order so they are not refundable.  Please plan your badge orders carefully to avoid ordering badges no one will end up earning.

Troop Leader Rocks It as an Owl!

by Kerry Cordy and Lauretta Russell

Katie Lundquist is the leader of Troop #159, one of the largest and most active troops in the country.  Over the last 7 years she has lead her troop in earning over 700  badges and multiple higher awards.  Earlier this year she decided to start earning badges on her own as an Owl.  Like everything else she does, she threw her whole heart into and now has over 400 badges earned at the Owl level as well as her Liberty Award, Life Skills Award, Discovery Award, Major in the Home, 4 WOW! Awards and 21 Servant's Hearts!

When I asked a few of her troop members to describe Katie I received a variety of replies and praise, but thought the response from one mother in particular best described her.  The reply from Lauretta Russell is below:

"It is impossible for me to write all the incredible ways that Katie leads our troop.  Makayla has been blessed to have found this troop 6 1/2 years ago and we have so many memories.  Some things I love about Katie:

  • Katie completely invests herself into each of the lives of the girls. During meetings she still has time to connect and engage with each girl.
  • Katie has created multiple jobs in the troop, so each girl can feel like they have a special part in the troop.
  • Katie is a fantastic teacher, years ago we had some girls being mean at the meeting. Instead of Katie calling the girls out, speaking to the parents (yeah things I would have done) she started the anti-bullying badge and kindness badge.  YEAH!  She is amazing how she solves issues discretely!
  • Katie has set our troop meetings on a 3 year cycle, so as long as the girls come to meetings and complete homework they will all earn the higher awards. Not only that she provides an extra meeting to work on girls wanting to earn higher awards. 
  • Katie has allowed Makayla to plan the last 2 sleepovers! Some leaders have a hard time stepping back and allowing someone else to lead. Not Katie, she encouraged Makayla to lead and helped her know time management etc.
  • Katie is interested in teaching the girls everyday, useful skills. We have held an outdoor skills clinic with first aid, fire building, setting up camping sites, solar oven cooking, knot tying, and  archery practice.  Every Summer our meetings are at different hiking spots.  Over Spring Break we have had a Life Skills clinic with stations to get several of their requirements completed.  Including making a bed, sorting clothes, cooking, etc. Our last Spring Break event was an Etiquette Clinic teaching kids proper etiquette, serving, cooking etc.  She is very creative finding ways to help the girls.
  • Katie is a great example, see photo above, even though she was terrified to zipline last year, she made it a point to leave her comfort zone and encourage the girls while doing so.
  • Katie involves the girls in planning meetings. At the beginning of  each year, Katie has a leadership meeting, asking the girls what they want to learn about over the next year.  I think it is pretty special to include the girls in the year of planning.
  • Katie has a separate meeting for the Butterfly and Eagles to complete extra requirements to earn the badge.
  • Katie has a unique way in dealing with children with special needs. We have had several girls over the years, and each feels included in our troop, thanks to Katie