Issue #88 - February 2019


A Note From the Founder - Maryland Here I Come!

by Kerry Cordy

Calling all members in Maryland, Pennsylvania or surrounding areas!  Members of the NAMBA and IMPBA RC boat racing clubs are helping to write a RC boat badge.  I will be traveling to Maryland June 26 - July 1 to attend the IMPBA Gas Nationals and would like to offer the opportunity for any Frontier Girls in the area to join me to learn about the RC boat hobby.   The event is open to the public with June 26 as open water practice and races the 27-29th.  Depending on the race schedule, which has yet to be released, I will choose a day to have the racers teach the RC badge to anyone who wishes to attend.  Keep an eye out in future newsletters for more details.  Free RC Boat badges will be given to anyone who attends and earns the badge at their age level.  Races will be held at Fort Ritchie in Cascade, MD

June 30-July 1 I will traveling to various sites in Pennsylvania such as Gettysburg to work on more badges.  I will be posting my schedule as the trip gets closer and would love to connect with as many Frontier Girls as would like to join me. 

Win $50!

In an effort to populate our new forum with useful information we are running a contest for the next two months.   This forum combines all questions for Frontier Girls and Quest as well Curiosity Untamed.  Every time you ask a question or answer a question for someone else you will be entered into a drawing to win $50.  If you don't see a forum category that suits your question, please email me at either or and I will be happy to add a new category.

The drawing will take place on April 1.

Click the image below to go directly to the forum or visit  


New Blog Up and Running

The new blog on our resource website, Curiosity Untamed, is up and running.  We have not had a chance to move many of our resources over yet, but will be adding new material each week as we go forward.  We encourage you to subscribe to the blog to stay informed as to what type of resources are available.  With the new website, finding ideas for meeting plans, ceremonies, badge support, songs and more will be easier than ever as each resource will be allocated to specific categories.  An active search bar will be available if you know exactly what you are looking for to direct you to the correct page.

A few posts have already been made such as the Puzzle Ceremony depicted to the left.  While this ceremony was designed for an investiture/re-dedication ceremony it can be easily adapted for an advancement or award ceremony as well.   The link to the ceremony is:

To follow the blog so that you do not miss future posts, just visit the website at and click on the FOLLOW button.




SWAPS Registration Has Closed

The 2019 SWAPS registration has officially closed.  If you signed up, you will receive your SWAP partner information via email no later than February 7th.  Please make sure to contact your partner within 48 hours of receiving your email to coordinate your SWAP and answer any questions your partner may have.  All SWAPS should be shipped to your partner no later than February 28  so please plan your meetings accordingly.  






Frontier Girls of the Month - Alyssa Spink, Penguin

by Ellen Smith

Alyssa began project: Baby Dolls for Alzheimer