Issue #91 - May 2019


A Note From the Founder - Getting Ready for Next Year!

by Kerry Cordy

Ideas have been swirling in my head for quite awhile now, but 2018 turned into the year of unexpected disasters so not much got done.  Now that life is settling back down again, I am excited to launch some new resources.  Our new Curiosity Untamed website is slowing gathering resources and the forum is gaining steam.  You can help out by visiting the forum frequently to see where you might help others by giving answers or ideas, or even posting a question of your own in regards to either Frontier Girls or Quest Clubs.  I am hoping to build an extensive database of information on the forum so that new members and leaders can more easily find answers to their questions.

By 2020 I hope to launch our new Curiosity Untamed Youtube channel and podcast.  If you have any interest in being a guest on the show or submitting your own videos for our channel to help provide resources for others, please email me at with the subject line Curiosity Untamed Show.  My hope is that by this time next year, our resource sites will be full of fun and useful information to help make your badge earning journey even more successful and our new Youtube channel and podcast will be up and running.

Let your curiosity run untamed!


Forum Contest Winner

The winner of our random drawing for those who posted or responded to a post on our new forum at is Sarah Hershberger.  Congratulations Sarah for winning $50!  Help us build our forum by asking or answering questions for both the Frontier Girls and Quest Programs.

Eagle Contest Winners

The winners for our random drawing for those who found our hidden Eagle are:

Victoria Hansen, Cassi Jensen, Katie Lundquist, Makayla Russell, and Heidi Fairbrother

Congratulations for winning a $5 off coupon for our store.


New Membership Coordinator

As most of you know, Frontier Girls is a small family run business and employees consist of friends, family and members of the local Frontier Girls troop.  I am happy to announce that Lisa Peasha has joined the team as our new membership coordinator.  One of my longest and dearest friends, I am happy to have this bubbly energetic woman back by my side.  A longtime homeschooler, Lisa's son is a high school math teacher and her daughter (one of the founding members of Frontier Girls) is now a culinary chef.  Lisa's creativity in incorporating badge work into education will be a huge benefit to future brain storming sessions as we continue to grow the Frontier Girls program. 

Lisa served on the original board of directors when I first started Frontier Girls back in 2007 and designed much of the record keeping formats we still use today.  She will be in charge of helping troops keep memberships up to date, answer membership questions, finding ways to grow our membership such as using social media posts and will help with the general bookkeeping and record keeping as well.  

If you would like to welcome her to the team she can be reached at



Scholarship Winners

Please congratulate this year's continuing education scholarship winners.  These scholarships are awarded to three girls ages 16-22 who meet the qualifications every May.  If you have girls in highschool or college who are active Frontier Girls and have earned either their Diamond, Grey Diamond or WOW! awards, make sure they get their applications in by April 1 every year.  



 $1,000 Abby Olsen Award - Hannah Lundquist - Owl/Leader, Troop #159

Being in Frontier Girls has most definitely moved me forward in life, where I am comfortable to talk in big groups now. Thanks to Frontier Girls I got a job at a Christian summer camp where I am able to lead groups of all ages and sizes through the ropes course. As a ropes facilitator, my job is to help push the campers outside their comfort zone and build their confidence. I am able to do this because of the leadership activities I did as a Frontier Girl.

I have always spent a lot of my free time serving those around me. But this past summer, I was able to step out of my own comfort zone and travel to California to help sift debris with Samaritan