Joy Badge joy2

(Discover Character)

By Kerry Cordy

* Requirements 10-12 provided by Nicole Fischer


The objective of this badge is to delight in the daily joys of life and to bring that joy to others.


Requirements are the same for all age levels.

Penguin: Do three requirements including the two starred *

Otter: Do four requirements including the two starred *

Dolphin: Do five requirements including the two starred *

Butterfly: Do six requirements including the two starred *

Eagle: Do seven requirements including the two starred *

Owl: Do nine requirements including the two starred *



_____1.* How would you define joy? Joy is more than a feeling; it is a way of thinking that can affect not only yourself, but those around you. The first step to leading a joyful life is to change the way you think. Instead of getting up in the morning grumbling about what’s for breakfast and how you really wanted to sleep for another 15 minutes, change your attitude and be thankful that you have another day to live and enjoy. Be thankful for the blessings that you have: physical possessions are transitory, but the character we develop will last through our lives.  Try to live joyfully by seeing the positive side of situations; enjoying the blessings that you are given; being thankful for the physical possessions you have; valuing the people that are special to you, etc.

Your first requirement is to put this idea into practice in your everyday life. Whenever you find your self feeling irritated, angry, or disappointed, recognize those feelings and immediately try to find something to be thankful and joyful for. You will be surprised how much simple gratitude can change your whole outlook on a situation.

For two weeks, keep a Joy Journal. In it put every little thing that you find joy in each day.   Entries may be as simple as seeing a beautiful bird outside your window, the smell of chocolate chip cookies, or a really good book. (Penguins and Otters can keep a picture journal if they prefer.)


_____2.* Have you ever noticed that some of your most joyful moments come from bringing joy to others? When we make someone else happy, we cannot help but be happy ourselves. Add to your Joy Journal the ways in which you have found to bring joy to others.

Each day ask yourself “what did I do today to bring joy into someone’s life?” Remember to bring joy to those nearest and dearest to you: read to your younger siblings; help your parents with a chore; play a game with a child; write a note to your grandparents etc.  Try to make someone smile every day for two weeks. Make it challenging and try to pick people who really look like they need someone to brighten their day. Help your mom clean the kitchen without being asked, tell the clerk at the grocery store that you like her hair style, play a game with your little brother even if you may not feel like it. Note in your journal how you gave joy to someone else every day for two weeks.


_____3. Listen to joyful music.  Learn a hymn/psalm/song of joy and share it with friends, family or Troop.

_____4. Have you ever noticed how just the memory of a joyful moment can lift your spirits?  Think about ways you can create some new memories to hold on to.  Recall your most joyous memories and talk about them with your friends or family.  Come up with a list of at least 10 different things that would give joy to yourself and others and do 2 of them.

_____5. Families today can become so busy that they forget to spend time just having fun with one and other. Write down a list of joyful things you can do with your family in only 15 minutes that will bring all of you joy. Do at least one of them each day for one week.  For an extra challenge, take a chore that you don’t usually enjoy, put on some joyful music and do the chore in a joyful attitude.

_____6. What does your book of worship/faith say about being joyful? Memorize at least 1 verse about joy if you are a Penguin, 3 if you are an Otter or Dolphin and 5 if you are Butterfly-Owl

_____7. Host a Night of Laughter. Laughter is often from pure joy in the enjoyment of uplifting activities.  Following are a few ideas, but feel free to come up with your own. Have family members take turns recalling their favorite joyous or humorous memories.  Tell jokes that are really funny – not poking fun at people.  Hold a serious contest: On “go” everyone must hold a straight face; if you smile or laugh you are out and may do whatever is necessary to make the others laugh so long as you do not actually touch them (no tickling allowed).  Have a barn dance or a 1970’s disco night complete with costumes and listen to uplifting, joyful music.

_____8.  Using the Victorian Language of Flowers, make a bouquet that symbolizes what joy means to you.  You can find the meanings assigned to the flowers at various websites or in books and you may cut pictures from magazines or webpages to create a collage “bouquet”.  Make sure you include the name and meaning of each flower that you choose.  If you wish you may make a bouquet out of real or artificial flowers. J

_____9.  Find and memorize at least 1 (Penguins), 3 (Otters and Dolphins), 5 (Butterflies - Owls) famous quotations about joy.

_____10. Make a list of what brings you joy that are not dependent on another person's actions.

_____11. Prepare a list of questions and interview 3 people that you would consider "joyful". Discuss with your parent or leader what these people have in common.

_____12. Make a decoration to display in your home that reminds you to find joy.



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