Kindness Badge kindness2

(Discover Character)

By Kerry Cordy


Penguin: Do three requirements including the two starred *

Otter: Do four requirements including the two starred *

Dolphin: Do five requirements including the two starred *

Butterfly: Do six requirements including the two starred *

Eagle: Do seven requirements including the two starred *

Owl: Do nine requirements including the two starred *


_____1.* Discuss the following with a parent or adult:

  • What is your definition of kindness?
  • Have you ever felt disappointed or cheated because you did something nice for another person, but he or she did not return the favor?
  • If you expect to get something back, are you then performing a kind act or are you really trading favors for favors?
  • What is your definition of kindness?
  • Has anyone ever done something for you anonymously, without expecting something in return?
  • Do three kind acts each day for a week and then write down how you feel afterwards.
  • How is kindness similar to character traits like love, joy, and gentleness? How is it different?

_____2.* Perform at least one random act of kindness per day for two weeks and expect nothing in return.

_____3. Read The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. What does this story say about kindness? What can you learn from the tree? What can you learn from the boy? Write a short essay about what this story meant to you and how it portrays kindness.

_____4. Make some RAK tokens (Random Acts of Kindness). These can be made of wooden discs or squares of cardboard and then decorated with the initials RAK. Keep a few with you and hand them to people when you catch them performing a random act of kindness. For example, if you are standing in line at the store and someone allows you to go in front of them because you have fewer items, thank them and give them a token to recognize their act of kindness. Then ask them to pass the token on to someone else who does a kind act.

_____5. Kindness is a trait that you should show not only to humans, but also to animal and nature. Discuss the “Leave No Trace” rule of camping and outdoor activities. How does this relate to being kind?  How can you be kind to animals? If you have a pet, find a way to show it extra kindness. Play with it more often, make sure that it is fed on time and an appropriate amount of food, etc.

_____6. Perform at least 20 random acts of kindness. These acts are usually unplanned, which means you need to keep your eyes out for opportunities to show kindness, wherever and whenever they appear.

Examples might include:

  • Leave a small gift at the door of a family suffering severe illness, like cancer.
  • Return your shopping cart to the storage area.
  • Write a note to a teacher, thanking him or her for a lesson.
  • Select a person in your neighborhood or class who is feeling down. Send that person a greeting card anonymously.
  • If you've been a jerk (for instance, if you got into a name calling situation and lost control), apologize, even if the other person is wrong too.
  • Take birdseed in a small pouch and spread it where you see our feather friends congregating.
  • Do a job (like mowing the lawn, cleaning the house, or shoveling snow) for someone who is having hard times, and surprise him or her by not charging.
  • Take another student to the library with you and help him or her get started on a school report.
  • Send a letter to someone (like a teacher or coach) who made a difference in your life.
  • Let the impatient person behind you go ahead of you in line.
  • Bake cookies or another treat, and give them away at school or at work.
  • Bring pencils to school and give them away to people who forget to bring one.
  • Slip some money into the pocket of a needy friend.
  • Buy a movie ticket for the person behind you in line.
  • Reverse roles. Do something for others who usually do something for you. Clean up the living room, make breakfast on Sunday, or do the laundry.

_____7. Search through magazines to find examples of people performing acts of kindness. Create a collage with what you find.

_____8. What does your book of faith say about kindness? Memorize 1 verse about kindness if you are a Penguin, 3 if you are an Otter or Dolphin, and 5 for Butterflies - Owls.

_____9. Make and give out “Warm Fuzzies” to your friends and family. A how-to is listed below.

_____10. Put away a shopping cart for someone who has just finished loading their groceries or put away some that have been left in inappropriate spots in the parking lot. How is this an act of kindness for both the business and the shoppers?

____11. Have you ever noticed how the tone of your voice can make even kind words seem mean?  Practice using both kind words and a kind tone when you speak. Think before you say something about how it may make someone else feel.

_____12. Make a list of 10 kind things to say about each member of your family. Then give them the lists.

_____13. Draw a picture of what kindness means to you.

_____14. Write an essay about what kindness means to you.

_____15. Write a story where kindness plays an important role.

_____16. Read a biography about someone known for their kindness.

_____17. Many animals are mistreated every day. Make a poster encouraging people to be kind to animals. Put it up somewhere in your community.

_____18. Write the word KINDNESS vertically on a piece of paper. Now think of one kind act that you could do that starts with each letter in the word. For example for “K”, you could put “Kiss my mom” and for “I” you might put “invite someone to join in a game.”

_____19. Memorize or write a poem about kindness.

_____20. Find and memorize at least 1 (Penguin), 3 (Otters & Dolphins), 5 (Butterflies - Owls) famous quotations about kindness.

_____21. Create a booklet or poster by answering and illustrating the following prompts:

  • a. My friends like it when ______________
  • b. I show others I care when ______________
  • c. Friends can be counted on to ______________
  • d. I am kind when I ______________
  • e. Caring shows when I ______________
  • f. The best way to show my family that I care is when I ______
  • g. The most important kindness I've received is ______________
  • h. Kindness means ______________

_____22. Using the Victorian Language of flowers make a bouquet that symbolizes what kindness means to you.  You can find the meanings assigned to the flowers at various websites or in books and you may cut pictures from magazines or web pages to create a collage “bouquet”.  Make sure you include the name and meaning of each flower that you choose.  You may make a scrapbook page using pictures of flowers or make a bouquet using real or artificial flowers.

_____23. Make a skit or movie where kindness plays an important role in the plot.

_____24. Learn or compose a song about kindness. Sing or play it for someone.



Helpful Resources

Kindness Booklet
- Courtesy of Troop 315 Leader Nicole

How to Make Warm Fuzzies

You will need:

  • Pompoms
  • Google eyes
  • Colored paper or craft foam
  • Glue
  • White paper

1. Glue two google eyes onto your pompom.

2. Cut a small heart out of paper or craft foam to use for feet. Glue your pompom on top of your heart, and you will have a basic Warm Fuzzy.

3. Cut your paper into small strips about 1” wide and 4” long. Leaving the first inch of your paper blank, write kind phrases on the slips such as:

  • Have a Great Day!
  • I love you.
  • God loves you.
  • You are special.
  • I'm glad you're my friend.

4. Now glue your Warm Fuzzy onto the blank part of the slip of paper so that you do not cover up your phrase.

5. Give the Warm Fuzzies to your friends and family whenever you think they may need a little kindness.

If you are really feeling creative, add hair bows, sun glasses, small pompom noses and other details to your Warm Fuzzies to make them more unique.


The Language of Flowers:

Free Pictures of Flowers:


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