Kindness Rocks

Discover Character
by Suzanne Vicoryosmanson
Penguins do 3 requirements total including the two starred.
Otters do 4 requirements total including the two starred.
Dolphins do 5 requirements total including the two starred.
Butterflies do 6 requirements total including the two starred.
Eagles do 7 requirements total including the two starred.
Owls do 9 requirements total including the two starred.
_____ 1*  Learn what Kindness Rocks Project is and how it got started.  Paint and either hide or give away at least one rock.
_____ 2.*  Learn the dos and don'ts of hiding painted rocks. 


  • Make sure your rock is nice and clean before painting.
  • Only paint happy things, and art that will brighten someone's day!
  • Make sure you seal your rock so your paint doesn't wash away. Acrylic paint is the easiest and cheapest optionaAnd while it is non-toxic it isn't very good for the environment.


  • Trespass when hiding your rocks.
  • Put your rock in a lawn, or large body of grass. It can get ran over by a lawn mower causing sparks and fires.
  • Don't leave your rock in National parks, or any park or place that has leave no trace rules, and other regulations regarding the protection of nature and its natural beauty.
  • Don't leave your rock at businesses or other private property without permission.
_____ 3. Research whether there is a rock group in your community.   Join them if you like or if there is no group in your area, create one.
_____ 4.  Give thought to what kind of rocks work the best for painting. Discuss the characteristics of a good painting rock.
_____ 5.  Go on a rock hunt for rocks to paint. Of you are unable to locate good ones, consider floral stones from the craft store.
_____ 6.  Paint and place at least 10 rocks.
_____ 7.  Go on rock hunt for painted rocks hidden by others.
_____ 8.  Host a rock painting party with your troop, family, or friends.
_____ 9.  Mark a map with places around the world that participate in rock hiding.
_____ 10.  Earn the kindness badge.
_____ 11.  Research the best kind of paint to use on your rocks. You want your design to hold up in inclement weather.
_____12.  Brainstorm at least 20 short inspirational sayings or quotes you can paint on a rock to brighten someone's day.
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