Letterboxing Badge

letterboxing(Discover the Outdoors)
submitted by Tracy Price


Penguin:  Complete 3 requirements including the 2 starred *.
Otters: Complete 4 requirements including the 2 starred *.
Dolphins: Complete 5 requirements including the 2 starred *.
Butterflies: Complete 6 requirements including the 2 starred *.
Eagles: Complete 7 requirements including the 2 starred *.

Owls: Complete 9 requirements including the 2 starred *.


_____ 1.*  Help find at least 3 letterboxes.

_____ 2.*  Learn the basic rules for letterboxing and the safety rules you should follow including proper attire. Know what types of hazards you might encounter while looking for a letterbox and how to be prepared for them.  You can learn about letterboxing at but do not get online without permission from your parent or guardian.

_____ 3.   Carve your own rubber stamp.  (This requirement is designed for Dolphin level and above and should be done under the supervision of an adult)

_____ 4.  Learn the history of letterboxing.

_____ 5.  Create your own letterbox and hide it. Either register your letterbox online for others (if a parent is willing to monitor it for at least 3 months), or see if a friend can find it using the clues.

_____ 6.  Learn how to read a G.P.S. system and follow it to find specific coordinates.

_____ 7.  In letterboxing terms , what is a hitch hiker, cootie, muggle and SPOR?

_____ 8.   Learn the icons on AtlasQuest. Which icon means you will have a 2 mile hike? Which letterboxes are good for families with strollers? Can you find a letterbox that involves a great adventure?

_____ 9.  Teach younger children about letterboxing.

_____ 10. Discuss first aid and prevention for the types of injuries or illnesses that could occur while participating in letterboxing activities, including cuts, scrapes, snakebite, insect stings, tick bites, exposure to poisonous plants, heat and cold reactions (sunburn, heatstroke, heat exhaustion, hypothermia), and dehydration

_____11. Take a friend letterboxing.

_____12. Learn about different ways of stamping. Try stamp pads and stamp markers. Practice stamping some different types of stamps.

_____13. Choose or create your own signature stamp for your letterboxing adventures.

_____14. On AtlasQuest, find the 10 closest letterboxes to your house (or a particular point of interest if you are away from home).