Light and Shadows

(Discover Science and Technology)

by Heidi Fairbrother


Penguins:  Do 3 requirements total including the two starred.

_____ 1.*  Learn what a shadow is and how to make one.

_____ 2.*  Learn how the distance between the light and the object will change the size of the shadow.

Otters:  Do 4 requirements total including the two starred

_____ 1.*  Do Penguin requirements 1&2

_____ 2.*  Learn how the sun's position in the sky effects the size of shadows. Even the moon can create shadows when it reflects light from the sun.

Dolphins:  Do 5 requirements total including the two starred.

_____1.*  Do Otter requirements 1 &2.

_____ 2.*  How do different materials affect Lights/Shadows?  Experiment with shining light through different objects.

Butterflies:  Do 6 requirements total including the two starred.

_____ 1.*  Do Dolphin requirements 1 & 2

_____ 2.*  Learn to create at least 5 different shadow puppets

Eagles:  Do 7 requirements total including the two starred.

_____ 1.*  do Butterfly requirements 1 & 2.

_____ 2.*  Learn about Transparent, Translucent and Opaque.  Know the difference between each.

Owls:  Do 9 requirements total including the two starred.

_____ 1.*  Do Eagle requirements 1 & 2.

_____ 2.*  Teach someone how to do a skill from this badge or teach some knowledge about this badge to someone. You can teach kids, your spouse, seniors, anyone, just as long as you are sharing your new found knowledge. If for some reason you cannot teach what you have learned to someone else, you may choose an additional 2 optional requirements instead.


Optional Requirements:


_____ 3.  Learn about how light and shadow is used in artwork.   Use light and shadow in either a drawing or a painting.

_____ 4.  Experiment ~ what happens to the shadows of different objects when you tilt the light source or change its brightness? What happens to the shadow if the light source is dim?

_____ 5.  Make a (K)now, (W)ant to learn, (L) earned chart about light and shadows.

_____ 6.  Explore reflections and shadows using old CDís

_____ 7.  How is light reflected? Distorted?

_____ 8.  Watch a clip/video about Lights and Shadows

_____ 9.  How does light travel?  How fast does it travel.

_____ 10.  How do lights and shadows play into Groundhog Day on Feb. 2?  Learn the History of Groundhog day.

_____ 11.  Trace your shadow (stand in a lighted area/outside, near a large piece of paper ~ trace what you see).

_____ 12.  Understand the difference between Natural Light & Artificial Light.  How does things like the weather or time of day affect natural light?  How can things like different types of light bulbs, or dimmer switches affect artificial light?  How does the type of light affect shadows.

_____ 13.  Read a book about shadows

_____ 14.  Make a Personal Shadow Clock

_____ 15.  Learn about a career that has something to do with light or shadows.  Careers like artists, photographers, home designers, scientists, etc.  How do they use light in their career? What type of money do they make?  What type of hours do they work?

_____ 16.   Participate in a community service project that has something to do with light or shadow.  Examples might be to host a free photo booth for a community event, or hold a light bulb recycling event.

_____ 17.  Learn how a sundial works and find out what the largest sundial in the world is.  Try making your own sundial.



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