Love Badge

(Discover Character)

by Kerry Cordy



The requirement to love is an integral part of Frontier Girls. Love appears both in our promise as well as our creed. We are not only to love God, but also others as well as ourselves. By completing this badge you will demonstrate how you can show love in a variety of ways.


Penguin: do 3 requirements including the 2 starred

Otter: do 4 requirements including the 2 starred

Dolphin: do 5 requirements including the 2 starred

Butterfly: do 6 requirements including the 2 starred

Eagle: do 7 requirements including the 2 starred

Owl: Do 9 requirements including the 2 starred



_____ 1. * Discuss how different people show love for God. How many ways do you show God you love him each day? Through prayer? Being kind to others? Attending church? Say a prayer to God telling him how much you love him and why.

_____ 2. * Discuss how you can show love to others. Ideas may include showing kindness, sharing, helping with chores, letting someone else go first, etc. See how big a list you can come up with. What areas can you improve in your own life? Maybe you can let your sibling choose the TV show, or let your friend decide what game to play. You could offer to help your mom with a chore without being asked, or bring your dad his slippers when he gets home.

_____ 3. Loving yourself is just as important as loving others. God made you as a unique individual with a special purpose. Make a list of everything you love about yourself. Do not put anything on the list that has to do with what you look like because that is not who you are, but rather what people see. Do you have a great sense of humor? Can you sing beautifully or draw with precision? Do you show kindness to others? Focus on those things you love about yourself and find a way to share them with others.

_____ 4. How do you show love to your family? Find at least 3 ways to show each member of your family how much you love them this week.

_____5. How can you show love to pets/animals? Do something nice for your pet to show it how much you love it. Give it extra petting or grooming; take it for an extra walk; make sure to keep cages or bedding clean.  If you are old enough, volunteer some time to help out your local animal shelter in some way.

_____6. How can you show love to your friends? How often do you tell your friends how much you appreciate them? Write a friend a letter telling them all the reasons you are glad they are your friend.

_____7. Discuss how you can show your love of your country. How does showing respect for American symbols such as the flag or the eagle show your love of country? Do something nice for the veterans in your community to express your appreciation for the sacrifices they made for our country.

_____8. Search through magazines for examples of how people show love. Make a collage and share it with your friends or family.

_____9. Learn a song or poem about love. The simple round printed below goes to the same tune as the songs “Rose, Rose” or “Hey Ho” if you are familiar with them.

Love, love, love, love

Christians this is your call

Love your neighbors as yourself

‘Cause God loves us all.

_____10. What does your book of faith say about love? Memorize at least 1 verse about love if you are a Penguin, 3 verses if you are an Otter or Dolphin and 5 verses if you are a Butterfly or an Eagle.

_____11. Read a biography about someone known for showing their love.

_____12. Memorize a poem about love.

_____13. Write an essay about what love means to you.

_____14.  Write the word LOVING on a piece of paper and then think of one peaceful act that you could do that starts with each letter in the word. For example for L you could put “Listen to other people” and for O “Opportunities to help”.

_____15.  Using the Victorian Language of flowers make a bouquet that symbolizes what love means to you.  You can find the meanings assigned to the flowers at various websites or in books and you may cut pictures from magazines or web pages to create a collage “bouquet”.  Make sure you include the name and meaning of each flower that you choose.  You may make a scrapbook page using pictures of flowers or make a bouquet using real or artificial flowers. J

_____16. Find and memorize at least 1 (Penguins), 3 (Otters and Dolphins), 5 (Butterflies and Eagles), 6 (Owls) famous quotations about Love.


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