Maple Syrup Badgemaple syrup

(Discover the Outdoors)

by Josie Rickerson - Dolphin

Penguins: Do two starred and one optional requirement.

_____1* Identify three different types of maple trees by their leaves.

_____2* Name the ingredients in pure maple syrup.


Otter: Do two plus starred and two optional requirements. 

_____1*   Do Penguin requirements 1 and 2

_____2*   Identify three different varieties of trees (maple plus two others) that can be used for maple syrup.


Dolphin: Do two starred and three optional requirements.

_____1* Do Otter requirements 1 and 2

_____2.* Explain what time of year the sap is collected from trees and why.


Butterfly: Do two starred and four optional requirements.

_____1* Do Dolphin requirements 1 and 2

_____2* Describe which regions of North America are best for harvesting maple syrup and Why.


Eagle: Do two starred and five optional requirements.

_____1* Do Butterfly requirements 1 and 2

_____2* Describe the difference between the different grades of syrup.


Owls: Do two starred and seven optional requirements.

_____1* Do Eagle requirements 1 and 2

_____2* Write a paper about the process of making maple syrup. Include an explanation of the window of opportunity to harvest sap, how much sap is needed to make one quart of finished product, and how long the entire process takes from start to finish.



Option Requirements

_____3.  Do maple leaf rubbings with a crayon and a piece of paper(Penguins and Otters only) Dolphins and Up are required to teach someone else how to do leaf rubbings.

_____4.   Make maple candy.

_____5.   Taste different grades of pure maple syrup. Compare the flavor and color.

_____6.  Participate in the process of collecting maple sap, and the cooking and bottling process.

_____7.   Write a paper about the history of maple syrup.

_____8.   Bake a snack or dessert that includes maple syrup as an ingredient.

_____9.   Make a collage using different types of maple leaves.

_____10.   Plant a maple tree.

_____11.  Explain two different ways the sap can be cooked down.

_____12. Make a drawing showing the process of tapping a tree and cooking down the sap. Include all equipment needed to make the syrup.

_____13. Scout for trees that would be best for tapping (type and size). This is best done when the leaves are on the trees. Tag the trees with plastic marking tape so they can be found when the leaves are off the trees.

_____14. Explain the difference between pure maple syrup, imitation maple syrup, corn syrup, and maple flavoring.

_____15. Compare the price of different types and grades of syrup.



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