Museum (speci?c) Badgesmithsoniancrocker art museum

(Discover the World)

By Karen Britton


 Please specify which museum you studied!


Penguins: Do 3 requirements including the 2 starred 

Otter: Do 4 requirements including the 2 starred

Dolphin: Do 5 requirements including the 2 starred

Butterfly: Do 6 requirements including the 2 starred

Eagle: Do 7 requirements including the 2 starred

Owls: Do 9 requirements including the 2 starred



_____ 1 * Be able to identify what can be found in the museum


_____ 2.* Understand why and when your chosen museum was built. Locate it on a map.



Optional Requirements:


_____ 3. Visit or write a report about the museum.


_____ 4. Do a service project while visiting the museum.


_____ 5. Explain why you should show respect when visiting a museum.


_____ 6. Make up a puzzle or game using facts about something you would find in the museum.


_____ 7. Draw a picture or take a picture of you at the museum.


_____ 8. Make a scrapbook with facts, pictures and photos of the museum.


_____ 9. Learn about careers that might involve the making or upkeep of the museum.


_____ 10. What type of architecture was used when the museum was built?


_____ 11. If you plan to visit your museum, locate your travel destination on a map. How far is it from your home? How will you travel there? How long will it take? Make a plan for keeping yourself busy during travel so that you do not get bored. (Butterflies and up, know the costs involved in traveling to this destination.)


_____ 12. Learn about a legend or myth that has to do with your Museum.


_____ 13. Learn about the Smithsonian Museum. What is in it, and what is significant about it?


_____ 14. Watch a documentary or read a book about your museum.


_____ 15. Learn about what makes your museum special. Does it have outdoor exhibits as well as indoor exhibits? Is it known for a certain exhibit most? Why is the museum important to the community it is built in?