Frontier Girls Holidays


January 19 - Frontier Girls Birthday

Frontier Girls was officially founded on January 19th, 2007.  Ideas for celebrating this day include:

  • Go out into the community and do something to make it better - pick up trash, plant a tree, help at a food bank, etc.
  • Throw a birthday party with your troop using patriotic decorations.
  • Wear your uniforms to school or church


February 20 - Leader Appreciation Day

Show your Frontier Girls leaders just how much you appreciate them.  The date of February 20 was chosen for this day as it is the birthday of Sandy Yearwood, the inspiration for Frontier Girls.  She is the mother of Kerry Cordy and was also Kerry's Girl Scout leader in the 1970's and 1980's.  It was because of the wonderful experience Kerry had in scouting as a girl that she decided to start Frontier Girls for her own daughters.  Sandy continues to be a part of scouting, and now works with Kerry at the Frontier Girls main office.

Ideas to celebrate the day include:

  • Hold a special ceremony at one of your meetings just to honor your leaders and volunteers.
  • Make thank you gifts or cards
  • Make a thank you banner and hang it at your meeting place.


March 4th (Forth!) Day-annual SWAPs day

March 4th each year is a day of action when Frontier Girls