Frontier Girls Holidays


January 19 - Frontier Girls Birthday

Frontier Girls was officially founded on January 19th, 2007.  Ideas for celebrating this day include:

  • Go out into the community and do something to make it better - pick up trash, plant a tree, help at a food bank, etc.
  • Throw a birthday party with your troop using patriotic decorations.
  • Wear your uniforms to school or church


February 20 - Leader Appreciation Day

Show your Frontier Girls leaders just how much you appreciate them.  The date of February 20 was chosen for this day as it is the birthday of Sandy Yearwood, the inspiration for Frontier Girls.  She is the mother of Kerry Cordy and was also Kerry's Girl Scout leader in the 1970's and 1980's.  It was because of the wonderful experience Kerry had in scouting as a girl that she decided to start Frontier Girls for her own daughters.  Sandy continues to be a part of scouting, and now works with Kerry at the Frontier Girls main office.

Ideas to celebrate the day include:

  • Hold a special ceremony at one of your meetings just to honor your leaders and volunteers.
  • Make thank you gifts or cards
  • Make a thank you banner and hang it at your meeting place.


March 4th (Forth!) Day-annual SWAPs day

March 4th each year is a day of action when Frontier Girls “March Forth” across the nation to spread the word about our program and learn about other Frontier Girls around the country.  Girls participate in activities and projects with national themes to honor their sister Frontier Girls in other regions and states. March 4th (Forth!) not only gives girls a chance to celebrate inter-state or county friendships, but is also a reminder that they are part of a nationwide community.

The date March 4th  was chosen as it is also the date that the first American Congress convened, marking the beginning of America as we know it today as they prepared to “march forth” as a nation.

SWAPS  are small craft  items that can be pinned for display somewhere on a jacket, a backpack, a sash, or a scarf and is a perfect way for girl’s to meet each other and promote friendship. Each SWAP item is a memory of a special event or of a Sister in Frontier Girls and stands for “Souvenir With A Purpose”, " Some Whatchamacallit Pinned Somewhere", "Switch With A Pal", or any other acronym you can come up with.  Each swap should have a safety pin on the item to attach to your display.

Ideas for celebrating the day:

  • March Forth! And take action by participating in a community service project on March 4th that demonstrates a character trait that Frontier Girls promotes.
  • Make flyers or posters to advertise your troop and try to recruit new members to Frontier Girls.
  • Team up with an out of state troop and SWAP with them, sending a penpal letter telling them about your troop and region as well as trading SWAPs.
  • Earn the March 4th badge
  • Earn the SWAPs badge
  • Make a presentation to your school or church about Frontier Girls.
  • Tell a friend about Frontier Girls



September 20 - Founder's Day

September 20 is Kerry Cordy's birthday.  The best birthday present Kerry could receive is a letter or email telling her why you love Frontier Girls.

Ideas for celebrating this day include:

  • Sending a letter or email telling Kerry what you love about Frontier Girls.
  • Sending Kerry a picture of your troop
  • Take the Quiz about the founding of Frontier Girls and see how much you know!


Founder's Day Quiz:

1.  When was Frontier Girls founded?

2.  Who founded Frontier Girls?

3.  Who inspired the creation of Frontier Girls?

4.  Where was Frontier Girls founded?

5.  Kerry Cordy started Frontier Girls when she was how old?

6.  How many daughters does Kerry have?

7.  What are Kerry's daughter's names that she started the program for?

8.  Who founded the Penguin Level?

9.  Who founded the Owl Level?

10.  Who was the WOW! Award created for?



1.  January 19, 2007

2.  Kerry Cordy

3.  Sandy Yearwood, Kerry's mother and Girl Scout leader.

4.  Redding, California

5.  37 years old

6.  Two

7.  Katie and Kristine

8.  Diana Havir and Sylvia Duke - These leaders of Troop #109 had preschoolers as part of their troop for several years before finally convincing Kerry to add them to the program.

9.  "Dingo" from Frontier Girls troop #157 - While several adults had requested this level, Dingo was the first to present a plan of action and convinced Kerry to add it.

10. Abby Olson of Troop #101 - When Frontier Girls first started we only had 80 badges and Abby was determined to earn every one of them.  As more badges were added Abby complained that if we kept adding new badges all the time she would never be able to earn them all.  Kerry promised her that if she could earn 100 at a single level that she would create an award for her.  Of course Abby has earned her WOW! award at every level.