Frontier Girls Candle CeremonyCeremonies

Ceremonies are an important part of your Frontier Girls troop.  They serve a variety of purposes such as:

  • To acknowledge in a formal way work that has been done (award ceremonies)
  • To impress upon people the purpose and meaning of the Frontier Girl program. (investment or rededication ceremonies)
  • An opportunity to thank parents and volunteers. (all ceremonies)
  • To recognize advancement or commitment. (advancement ceremonies)

When planning your ceremonies, keep the following tips in mind:

  • - Try to involve all the girls if possible.
  • - Plan ahead.  What supplies will you require? Who is doing/saying what?
  • - Delegate responsibility
  • - Use imagination and showmanship
  • - Improvise, use what is available, low cost & easy to find
  • - Gather ideas .  Use the promise, creed, motto, flag, poems, skits, songs, symbolism, candles etc.
  • - Keep it simple, keep it fun
  • - Try to make each ceremony unique in some way.

Below are links to a variety of scouting ceremonies that are great to use as templates to adapt for your Frontier Girls Ceremonies.  These ceremonies are not meant to be used as is and some will not be applicable to our program at all, but they are still a great way to get some inspiration for your own ceremony.  Remember, the best ceremony has not been written yet.  Feel free to write your own.  As you create your ceremonies, we hope you’ll never lose sight of the fact that recognition in Frontier Girls can be fun as well as meaningful.  If you need help planning a ceremony please contact the Frontier Girls Headquarters.  If you have a great ceremony idea, please either share it with us so that we can add it to our list.

Click here for Flag Ceremony ideas and instructions


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Ceremony Ideas:


Investiture/Rededication Ceremonies


Colored Candles


This beautiful dedication ceremony uses differently colored candles. All girls form a horseshoe.  Each new member is presented with a white candle with a red daisy attached.  Rededicating girls should hold plain white candles.  [Have on a table one short candle for each Area of Discovery; color---red, orange, yellow, light green, dark green, light blue, dark blue,  purple, and pink---also a tall white candle that is used to light other candles.]


[Start with a formal flag ceremony]


LEADER:  We welcome you to our investiture and rededication ceremony.  This is a time when returning Frontier Girls rededicate themselves to Frontier Girls and all it stands for, and for new members to be invested into the troop.  Before you, you see a rainbow of candles, representing the wide variety of things in this world that there is to discover.  In the center is a tall white candle.  This candle represents the Frontier Girl promise that is at the center of all we do. The red daisy on those candles held by our new members is a symbol of the joy which we hope they will find as member of our troop.


[Have the oldest girl light the white candle and lead the rest in reciting the Frontier Girl Promise]


[Use the white candle to light the others for the rest of the ceremony]


FG #1:  The red is for the Discovery of Health and Fitness as we learn to make our minds and bodies strong.


FG #2:  The orange is for the Discovery of Knowledge, encouraging the love of learning and the constant quest to investigate new interests.


FG #3  The yellow is for the Discovery of Science and Technology which lets us look into the how and why of things, solve problems, and recognize the ways in which our present interests can build toward future ones.


FG #4  The light green is for the Discovery of Agriculture  and an appreciation of God’s creatures and creations that provide for our food.


FG #5  The dark green is for is for the Discovery of Outdoors, explorations here help us to appreciate our natural environment and to take actions to protect and preserve our world.


FG #6  The light blue is for  the Discovery of Character which helps us grow to be women of honor and teaches us to take joy in our surroundings.


FG #7  The dark blue is for the Discovery of the World, helping us to build pride in our heritage, while appreciating the uniqueness of each culture.


FG #8  The purple is for the Discovery of Art which helps us develop a personal appreciation for the many art forms and things of beauty in the world around us.


FG #9  The pink is for the Discovery of the Home, preparing us to take care of ourselves and our families.


LEADER:   From the light of discovery may your Frontier Girl world ever grow. [have girls each light their candles from one of the colored candles]  Take your light into the world and let it shine forth with love and knowledge. [All the girls return to the horseshoe formation. Sing a song of your choice.]




LEADER:  "Welcome to our Investiture and Rededication ceremony. Today we are here to show our belief in the Frontier Girl Promise and Creed and to recognize the achievements of our girls.

"This candle that I light shall shine forth as a symbol that a Frontier Girls is true to God”

"The second candle shall shine forth as a symbol of a Frontier Girl’s loyalty to her country.”

“The third candle shall shine forth as a symbol that a Frontier Girl’s greatest desire is to serve.”

Girls, please join me in reciting the Frontier Girls Promise.


Flowers have always played an important part in human life. From the earliest times they have been given as signs of love and respect and have been used in ceremonies of all types. The flowers in this ceremony represent the nine parts of the Frontier Girls Creed.


[Have girls pass out flowers to family members as they are read.)


READER:  As a Frontier Girl…


I will be loving, treating others as I would like to be treated.  The red rose symbolizes this love.


I will be Joyful, finding the blessings in every situation.  The red daisy symbolizes joy in all things.


I will be Peaceful, respecting others opinions and beliefs.  Winter Greens symbolize the harmony we try to keep between ourselves and others.


I will be Patient, persevering toward my goals despite obstacles.  The Indian paintbrush shows cheerfulness even in difficulty.


I will be Kind, respectful to all and willing to help others at all times.  The zinnia represents thoughtfulness about friends


I will be Good, pure in all I do, think and say.    The white daisy symbolizes innocence and truth.


I will be Faithful to my God and loyal to family, friends, and country.  The dandelion  represents faithfulness.


I will be Gentle, taking special care of those weaker or less fortunate than I.   Baby's breath shows generosity and thoughtfulness toward others


I will have Self Control, using my time, materials, and talents wisely, and being accountable for my own actions.  The gladiola symbolizes strength of character, maturity, and responsibility


(Other flowers may be used in this ceremony.  For a list of flower meanings you can visit the following websites:


Investiture/Rededication Oaths



As a member of Troop #XXX

I promise to do my best

To live the Frontier Girl Promise and Creed

Both at our meetings

And in my everyday life.


Patrol Leaders

As a patrol leader I promise

To lead my patrol to the best of my ability

To keep order in my group at all times

To speak for my patrol and not just for myself

And to do my best

To live up to the troop’s trust.


Leadership Positions

As a leader I promise

To do my job to the best of my ability

To take my responsibilities seriously

And to do my best

to live up to the troop’s trust.



Lighted Candles


Scene: A table, with 13-candle board/log on it; flanked by American and Frontier Girls flag.

1st Speaker: " Tonight we are here in to invest those who have joined Frontier Girls for the first time this year. We are also here to rededicate each member, new and old, to the Frontier Girls Promise and Creed. You should all understand that these are the ideals by which Frontier Girls try to live, and through which we, as leaders, help girls to gain worthy citizenship."

[a large candle is lighted, house lights are dimmed].

2nd Speaker: "Before you, you see a golden flame The flame symbolizes a Frontier Girl's honor, which must never be dimmed. When a Frontier Girl makes a promise, she is placing her honor, the brightest thing in her life, before her fellow Frontier Girls, her leaders, her parents, and her friends. Girls should understand that giving the Frontier Girls Promise on one's honor is a serious thing. "

3rd Speaker: "From this golden flame we light the flame of our love for God. "[light small candle and say:]

“I promise to love God”

4th Speaker: "We light the flame of loyalty to our country." [light second small candle and say:]

“I promise to be loyal to my country”

5th Speaker: "We light the flame of love for others." [light third small candle and say;]

“I promise to love my neighbor as myself”

6th Speaker: "We now bring to light the flames of the Frontier Girls Creed, which make bright and clear the trail that leads from girlhood to womanhood. Let us all stand and repeat together the Frontier Girl Creed."

[Pause until all stand; then 9 more candles are lighted as the nine parts of the creed are said.

7th Speaker: "These burning candles represent the points of the creed and promise and how they brighten the life of the Frontier Girl who observes them. When through practice they become a part of our daily lives, they also brighten the lives of all whom we come in contact."

8th Speaker: "We can too easily forget that the Frontier Girl Promise is a serious pledge. We must guard against repeating the Promise and the Creed in a parrot-like manner, as though the words were meaningless. "

[Ceremony continues with house lights turned on. Each member present (who wishes to) is invited to say a few words about what being a Frontier Girl has meant to her.]

[Song ”Take the Lead” is sung]

Closing: "With our ceremony ended, we now put out these candles. But we do so with the certain knowledge that we carry the flame of Frontier Girls eternally with us, in our hearts."




You will need 9 ribbons or streamers at least 10’ long in the following colors:  red, orange, yellow, light green, dark green, light blue, dark blue, purple and pink.  Keep ribbons rolled until needed.


Divide the troop in half and have girls face each other across a 10’ gap.  As each piece of the creed is read, have one girl walk over to a girl on the opposite side (not necessary directly opposite) and hand her the end of the colored ribbon.  As she walks back to her place she should unroll the ribbon as she goes and hold on to the end.  By the end of the creed you should have a spider web of ribbon crisscrossing between the two sides.


LEADER:  As Frontier Girls we live by the following creed:


I will be loving, treating others as I would like to be treated (red ribbon)


I will be Joyful, finding the blessings in every situation.   (orange ribbon)


I will be Peaceful, respecting others opinions and beliefs.  (yellow ribbon)


I will be Patient, persevering toward my goals despite obstacles.  (light green ribbon)


I will be Kind, respectful to all and willing to help others at all times.  (dark green ribbon)


I will be Good, pure in all I do, think and say.    (light blue ribbon)


I will be Faithful to my God and loyal to family, friends, and country.  (dark blue ribbon)


I will be Gentle, taking special care of those weaker or less fortunate than I.    (purple ribbon)


I will have Self Control, using my time, materials, and talents wisely, and being accountable for my own actions.  (pink ribbon)


Just as these ribbons bind these girls together, so do the parts of our creed intertwine and bind our lives as we work together to make this world a better place.



The Promise


I promise…

An assurance I make, a pledge to do right,

I keep it before me a bright shining light

To Love God…

To God, the creator, the maker of all,

if weakness o’ertake us on Him we may call.

Be loyal to my country…

A wonderful country, I’m sure you’ll agree

So let’s keep it always , the land of the free.

And to love my neighbor as myself…

Every person I see, acquaintance or friend,

Deserves to be loved, without price, without end.



Advancement Ceremonies


Lighted Candles---Frontier Girls Promise


Have the girls who are advancing line up on the left side of the room from oldest to youngest.  The remainder of the girls should line up for a flag ceremony.   Perform a formal flag ceremony and upon dismissal of the color guards, the girls should file into 5 groups at the front of the room (Eagles to the far right, then Butterflies, then Dolphins, then Otters and finally, Penguins.)  Each girl in the front of the room should hold a candle (two if they will be greeting a new member to their level.)  Advancing girls should still be on the left side of the room.

As the advancing girls names are called, they should cross the room to the level they are joining, make the FG sign and shake hands with someone in that level who will hand them a candle.   She then joins the group.  As girls join the front, they should slowly fill in the gaps between each group so that when every girl’s name has been called, there should be a solid line of girls in the front of the room symbolizing a united troop.

After all girls have crossed the room, candles are lit from the ends of the line and passed from girl to girl while singing "Whenever you make a Promise".   Teach this song to all the leaders and the girls so everyone knows the song.  It can be sung in 3-part rounds while the flame was being passed.



Each year the advancement ceremony marks a milestone in the life of a Frontier Girl. It is symbolic of the change of rank from one level to another and a sign of forward progress. (Start with announcing those girls moving from Butterfly to Eagle, then Dolphin to Butterfly, then Otter to Dolphin, and finally Penguin to Otter.  As the girl’s name is read, the girl crosses the room - makes the FG sign and shakes hands with a member of the receiving level and joins the line.)

(When  all girls have joined the line, have leaders light the candles on each side and sing When‘ere You Make a Promise)

While we divide ourselves by level and ability, in truth we are one troop, united under God.  All thru Frontier Girls you have explored the Areas of Discovery, art, the home, the outdoors, and so much more. There are so many things to Discover! There is yourself partly known, but still full of mysteries and surprises. There are other people, like you and unlike you, girls and boys, men and women, little children. There is laughter and beauty and work and growing up to be a woman.

This marks a milestone in your lives as Frontier Girls and is a mark of progress for both you and your leaders. We Frontier Girls in troop #XXX are moving forward as a small group just as the whole Frontier Girls organization is constantly moving forward. It is a joyful journey we are following together and we find that the greatest joy of the journey is the friendship in working together, playing together and growing together.  All that we share with each other, some other Frontier Girl is sharing with us. As soon as we understand this joy of friendship we long to have others share it too.

This Candle flame represents the friendship bond that we all share. From the experienced Eagle to the smallest Penguin, we pass the flame of friendship---from one to another. You have now moved from one level of Frontier Girls to another, but one thing remains constant ---the Frontier Girl Promise. The promise is a solemn oath you make to your leaders, parents and community to support one another. This is your promise to try to live up to the teachings of your own religious faith while, at the same time, respect the beliefs of others; to be a good citizen of your community and to help other people in small, everyday ways as well as in large ones.


Let's make the Frontier Girl sign and renew our Frontier Girl promise.

[Girls make the sign and say the promise]

As you blow out your candles, remember to keep the flame of friendship alive in your hearts and in your lives. (Girls blow out their candles)


Nobody Told Me


Reader 1

Nobody told me I would really feel part of something so big, so wonderful, that when we said the Promise and Creed together tonight that I would mean every word. Will I ever know all the words? You'll learn them, I was told.


Reader 2
Nobody told me that while I worried and fretted about  "doing the right thing at the right time", I would now be looked upon as "knowing all the answers" by the younger girls. What if they won't listen to me? They'll learn from you, I was told.


Reader 3
Nobody told me I would really have to cook on an open fire. "I don't know how to scramble eggs or put up a tent." You'll learn, I was told.


Reader 4
Nobody ever told me that I would become queasy or that my voice would crack when I led the Flag Ceremony. "But, I've never done a flag ceremony, I said. What if I forget the words?”  You'll learn, I was told.


Reader 5
Nobody told me that the Creed was made to help us become better people. How will I learn to get along with so many girls, we're all so different?  You'll learn, I was told.


Nobody told me that getting to know these girls would be so much fun. Nobody told me, I learned.


In Unison
We are Frontier Girls. Four words, but, behind them, hundreds of feelings and thoughts. We are Frontier Girls because we love the out-of-doors, singing, reading, learning how to make things, and because we enjoy sharing with our friends. Nobody told us that we would make so many friends! Nobody told us. We learned.


Compass Ceremony


Adapted from a Cub Scout ceremony

Make a large compass on a stand, tilted so the audience can see and place a candle in front of it.



- We look to the East and see an Otter, bringing her eagerness like the dawn of new day. (Otter stands to the right of the compass)


- We look to the South and see a Dolphin with her dreams alive with Frontier Girl action. (Dolphin kneels in front of the compass)


- We look to the West and see the Butterfly poised for flight and ready for any adventure. (Butterfly stands to the left of the compass)


- We look to the compass as our guide.  We find at the North, an Eagle, only steps away from womanhood, whose adventures enable her to carry into adulthood the ideals of Frontier Girls.

(Eagle goes and stands behind the compass)


We read the compass, we set the course…trained leadership will not lose the trail.  Look again, the light of Frontier Girls burns bright (light the candle)



North Wind:

I am the North Wind. People say I am cold, but to [girl's name] I will always bring the warmest weather because she has been true to the Frontier Girls Promise and has lived up to the Frontier Girls Creed.


South Wind:

I am the South Wind. I wish you all success in Frontier Girls. Over hill and dale I have carried stories of [girl's name] and her experiences. As a Frontier Girl she has been happy, willing, and fair---a credit to her troop and community.


East Wind:

I am the East Wind. I wish you well. I have spread the story of [girl's] fun and happiness in Frontier Girls with her troop, and of how she lived up to the Frontier Girls Promise and was fair and helpful.


West Wind:

I am the West Wind. I would like everyone present to know that [girls name] did not walk the trail to the [award] alone. She had the wonderful help and guidance of her parents, [mothers name & fathers name]. Parents, continue to help your girls achieve and grow into young womanhood!

Other Ceremonies


Spirit Candle---Opening

This candle represents the spirit of Frontier Girls. It burns throughout our meeting to represent the friendship and fun we enjoy together.

Look to the flame and see its challenge to you:

  • ... to do more than belong... Participate.
  • ... do more than care... Help.
  • ... do more than believe... Practice.
  • ... do more than be fair... Be kind.
  • ... do more than forgive... Forget.
  • ... do more than dream... Work.
  • ... do more than teach... Inspire.
  • ... do more than live... Grow.
  • ... do more than be friendly... Be a friend.
  • ... do more than give... Serve.

Bless you for being just who you are --- Girls are great!



Campfire Ashes


Legend has it that Lord Baden-Powell (founder of the Boy Scouts) would always take a small amount of ashes from the campfire and spread these ashes into the next campfire.


Ashes taken from a campfire are sprinkled into the flames of the next campfire. The next morning, when the ashes are cold, they are stirred, and each scout takes some along to mix with her/his next campfire logging the date and location on a list kept with their ashes. If more than one girl brings ashes to the same campfire, the lists are pooled, with the dates and places of all campfires recorded and passed on. It is tradition that only those present at the ceremony may carry the ashes from that ceremony.


Charge of the Ashes


May the memories of past campfires be here with us tonight, carrying fellowship in these ashes from other campfires, thus uniting us with friends and comrades in other places.

[Now, sprinkle saved ashes over fire]

May the joining of the dead fires with the leaping flames of our campfire tonight symbolize once more the unbroken chain that binds girls around our nation. Fond greetings to Frontier Girls, everywhere.



Challenge to Parents


I welcome you and your daughters to Frontier Girls Troop XXX.  The success of Frontier Girls depends much upon each girl’s family relationship.  To all parents in our troop, we offer a challenge.  As a member of our troop lights a candle, listen to her challenge.


1.  Learn to have more fun with your daughter.  Encourage and help her with her achievements.  Help her progress through the ranks of Frontier Girls.


2.  Learn to live together better, as Frontier Girls, as families, as neighbors, and as a nation.


3.  Become better parents by practicing the principles of the Frontier Girl promise and creed.


4.  Extend and strengthen the influence of our organization on girls, parents, and the community.


We welcome you.





Have girls hold large block letters


Frontier Girls encourages girls to look to nature to learn from creation.  Our very names stem from the animals around us, the Eagle, the Butterfly, the Dolphin, and the Otter.  Nature carries many lessons for us if only we are willing to learn.


N - stands for your Name, be proud of it.  Everything you do and say affects your good name.

A - stands for Attitude.  As sunlight is essential to growth, so attitude affects your spirit.  Frontier Girls with the right attitude are happy, loving, and fair.

T - stands for Task.  As the beaver works hard at his task, so does a Frontier Girl.

U - stands for Usefulness.  Just as animals and birds are judged by their usefulness, so your place in life depends on your usefulness.

R - means “you’re Ready!”  As the squirrel gathers food for future use, so you have worked on your achievements, getting ready for the day when you leave Frontier Girls and go out on your own.

E - stand for Energy.  As the bee is never idle, so you keep busy giving good will.


The letters on the cards spell Nature - God’s way of telling us He cares.  Let us always be grateful for His Guidance.