You can find the Apples Badge here.


Opening Activity

Make apple print place-mats or pictures to donate to Meals on Wheels or another charity. (10 mins) (optional requirements 8 & 9)




Flag Ceremony

Present the colors, Pledge and Promise. (5 mins)


Group Time

Make simple apple turnovers (you can use Pilsbury Grands Biscuits or we have linked a recipe below) (30 mins) (optional requirement 5)


Snack Time

Try at least six different kinds of apples with dip. Learn how to keep them from turning brown while you prepare the snack. (20 mins) (Penguin - Owl requirement 1; optional requirement 17)




Circle Time

Suggestions include:

  • Discuss the life cycle of an apple
  • Learn about Johnny Appleseed (read a short book, watch a short film, etc)
  • Locate apple regions on a map
  • Learn an apple song or poem
  • Discuss what types of vitamins and minerals are found in apples and how they are beneficial

(30 mins) (Penguin - Butterfly requirement 2; optional requirement 12)




Closing Activity

Wrap up the turnovers to take home. (5 mins)


NOTES: Take a field trip to an apple orchard or your county fair if possible. (Optional requirements 4 or 11)


Helpful Websites

25 Different Kinds of Apples - and the Tasty Benefits of Each

Life Cycle of an Apple

Preschool Apple Songs

Johnny Appleseed Biography

Apple Turnover Recipe - Betty Crocker

Red apple