You can find the Tie Dye Badge here.


Everyone should bring a pre-washed white t-shirt. You will need lots of adult helpers. This is a great badge to couple with the Patience badge.


Opening Activity

"Tie Dye" coffee filter butterflies. (10 mins) (Penguin requirement #1)


Flag Ceremony

Present the colors, Pledge and Promise. (5 mins)


Circle Time

Discuss Tie Dye history, methods, techniques, Bandhani, etc. Discuss preparing the work surface, cleanup, etc. (10 mins) (Butterfly requirement #2) (optional requirements 3, 4, 7, 14)




Snack/Patrol Time

Rotate through stations:

  • Make a "tie dye" snack (apple slices, rice krispie treats, etc)
  • Tie and dye shirts
  • Tie-dye bingo game (game cards have tie-dye patterns and info on them; use candy for "markers" if you are also doing the patience badge)
  • "Tie-dye" cards to give away (colored shaving cream and cardstock)

(15 mins each station) (Penguin - Butterfly #1 & #2) (optional requirements 3, 4, 7, 10, 14)


Closing Activity

Discuss Patience - waiting to Tie-Dye, waiting until next meeting for shirts, waiting to eat the candy "markers" on the bingo cards until the game was done, etc.




Helpful Links

Tie Dye Coffee Filter Butterflies

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Rice Krispie Treats - Tie Dyed!

History of Tie Dye

28 Tie Dye Craft Projects

Tie Dye Recipes With Kids




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