Troop Forms:


Registrations Forms:

Girl Registration Form (PDF)

Girl Registration Form (Word)

Troop Registration Form (Word)

Troop Registration From (PDF)

Charter Forms:




Financial Forms:

Record Keeping Forms:

  • Record Keeping Instructions - Instructions for setting up and maintaining your record keeping binder
  • Attendance Form - Track which girls attend each meeting or activity
  • Troop Meeting Planning Sheet - used to plan out troop meetings, can be printed on the the reverse side of the Troop Sign In sheet to verify which girls completed the requirements from that meeting.
  • Troop Sign in Sheet - used to verify which girls were at a particular meeting and completed the requirements done that day.
  • Member Roster - consolidate contact information for girls in your troop
  • Health/Emergency Contact Forms - for troop use only!  Keep these forms on hand during any troop activity in case of illness or accident. Do NOT send to Frontier Girls.
  • Master Award Log - for tracking all badges and award earned in your troop, when they were ordered and when they were presented.
  • Girl/Level Record - to track each girls badges and awards earned at a single level.
  • End of Year Report - to be sent to Frontier Girls by August 31 every year to verify meeting program requirements.
  • Super Troop Application - to be submitted when all Super Troop requirements have been completed in a single program year.

Misc Forms:

  • Troop Policy Form - to be used to ensure all parents are aware of your troop's policies and procedures.  This is just a sample, please customize it to fit your troop's policies.
  • Troop Liability Release - This is a sample.  Please review any legal documents with your attorney.
  • Disciplinary Action Form - to be used to document disciplinary issues within the troop and make sure that both girl and parents are aware of the consequences if the behavior continues.
  • Blanket Permission Slip - have parents sign for permission for all events during the year
  • Individual Activity Permission Slip - have parents sign for permission to participate in a specific activity
  • High Risk Permission Slip - to be used for activities with a higher risk of injury such as horseback riding, rock climbing, firearms, etc.
  • Publicity Report - to be sent to Frontier Girls any time your troop appears in the media (newspaper, online, TV, etc.)
  • Website/Online Request Form - must be submitted to Frontier Girls prior to launching a Frontier Girls troop website, Facebook page, blog, etc.