This is a cute, fun craft to do during Autumn when leaves are falling to the ground to be collected and turned into art! We have a few adorable examples of some animals you can create with all different kinds of leaves.


dsc_0629 dsc_0630


There are really no limits to what you can create. We collected big leaves, small leaves, red, green, yellow, you name it! We decided to make a turtle and a wolf.


dsc_0609 dsc_0611


The materials we used were:

  • Lots of colorful leaves!

  • Elmers glue or glue sticks

  • Scissors

  • Construction paper

  • Goggly eyes

  • Markers

  • Anything you can think of! Let your imagination run wild!



What can you create? Make sure to share your leaf art with us over in our Facebook Group!


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