The following Frontier Girls videos have been posted to Youtube.  Please be aware that by clicking the links you will be taken from the Frontier Girls website to the Youtube website which may contain offensive materials.  Please get a parent's permission before visiting these sites.


Troop Photo Journals

Frontier Girls Troop #144 visits Washington D.C. and participates in a wreath laying ceremony:

Frontier GirlsTroop #144 - 2012 photo journal

Frontier Girls Troop #146 - Conception Junction, MO - 2013 journal:

Troop #144 - Memorial Day 2012

Troop #144:




"Take the Lead" by Kerry Cordy:

Frontier Girls Troop #101 Demonstrates Hand Motions to Action Songs:

Frontier Girls Troop 307 from Bermuda sings a Frontier Girls song written by Hana Bushara:

"I Can" by Kerry Cordy:


Flag Ceremonies

Troop #101 demonstrates a flag ceremony with the audience in the rear:

Troop #101 demonstrates a flag ceremony with the audience in the front:

Troop #101 performs a tall flag routine and formal flag ceremony for Cottonwood Kiddie Parade:



Troop #101 Investiture Ceremony (minus the opening flag ceremony):


Troop #101 performs at the 2009 Veterans Stand Down for Homeless Veterans:  -

Troop #144 visits Washington D.C. and participates in a wreath laying ceremony:


Tall Flag

Troop #101 performs Pledge of Allegiance by Lee Greenwood:

Troop #101 practices The Great Defenders:

Troop #101 performs The Great Defenders as part of a formal flag ceremony:

Troop #146 performs at halftime during a basketball game:

Troop #146 performs at halftime with new routine for 2nd year:

Troop #101 performs at the Stand Down for Homeless Veterans:

Drill Down Feet Positions:

Troop #101 practices "The Great Defenders" prior to their award ceremony:



Troop #101 Cottonwood Rodeo Parade 2009 -

Troop #144 Memorial Parade 2012:

Troop #101 Redding Lighted Christmas Parade 2009 -