Issue #74 - November 2017


Note from the Founder - Social Media

In an effort to expand Frontier Girls and get the word out that we exist, I am asking for help from our members.  Each month in our newsletter there will be a social media challenge to participate in specific activities and then post pictures on your social media with  specific hashtags so that others may find us (and so that you can find each other!).  This month is a kindness challenge for World Kindness Day on Nov. 13.    Please keep in mind that these challenges are designed to be viewed by the public, so please make sure privacy settings for these posts are set to Public and that you have permission from parents to post pictures of the girls in your troop.  Thanks for your help!






New Badges Added

Light and Shadow,   Kindness Rock Project






Frontier Girl of the Month - Sadira Chidester, Troop 348

Sadira is 8 years old, she started Frontier Girls two years ago. During that time she earned 86 badges, was awarded Life Skills, Leadership, Fruit of the Spirit, Make a Difference, Discovery, Liberty, earned four servants hearts, and finally achieved her Gem Award. Her favorite part was working on her life skills and organizing a canned food drive for her community service project. Along the way she broke her arm 3 times (2 times she was with her troop), made 8 new friends, and wrote 1 badge (carrots). Sadira already has big plans for her Dolphin years, including earning a Gold Servants Heart, a Wow award, and of course, another Gem.







World Kindness Day - November 13

November 13th is World Kindness Day. To show your support of world kindness, and kindness in everyday life, help us show the world what Frontier Girls are all about. Throughout the month post pictures and videos or you, or your troop in your Frontier Girl