(Discover Outdoors)
(Written by Marie Dichoso-Beavers/Troop 114)

NOTE: Several of these requirements reference websites that are not part of Frontier Girls.
Make sure to get parental permission when going on the Internet as these websites and
others related to this study may contain inappropriate content.

(You may use any higher level requirement as an optional requirement.)


Penguin: †Do three requirements including the two starred.

_____ 1 * ††Learn about ocean water. †What makes it different from fresh water? †What type of animals
live in it?

_____ 2.* †Learn about ocean safety. †Learn about the Leave No Trace rules and figure out ways to
apply them to visiting an ocean or beach.

Below are some helpful websites:

Otter: †Do four requirements including the two starred.

_____ 1.* †Do Penguin requirements 1 & 2.

_____ 2. * †Learn all four major oceans and be able to find them on a map.

Dolphin: †Do five requirements including the two starred.

_____ 1.* †Do Otter requirements 1 & 2.

_____ 2.* †Learn about ocean habitats. †Know what each of the following are and at least one animal that lives in each: †beaches, coral reefs, estuaries, hydrothermal vents, kelp forests, sea grass beds.

Butterfly: †Do six requirements including the two starred.

_____ 1.* †Do Dolphin requirements 1 & 2.

_____ 2.* Learn about currents, tides, and waves. †What causes them? †How can they be predicted?
What do the green, yellow, and red colored flags on the beach mean? †What should you do if you are
caught in a rip-tide?

Eagle: †Do seven requirements including the two starred.

_____ 1.* †Do Butterfly requirements 1 & 2.

_____ 2.* †Plan a trip to the ocean. Include the area you would like to visit; transportation to and from,
and while there; hotel accommodations; tours and sites to visit; restaurants; cost; etc. Make an itinerary
and present it to your family or friends.

Owl:† Do 9 requirements including the 2 starred:

_____ 1. *† Do Eagle requirements 1 & 2

_____ 2. *† Teach someone how to do a skill from this badge or teach some knowledge about this badge to someone. ††You can teach kids, your spouse, seniors, anyone, just as long as you are sharing your new found knowledge.†† If for some reason you cannot teach what you have learned to someone else, you may choose an additional 2 optional requirements instead.


Optional Requirements:

_____ 3. †. Experiment with saltwater (ocean water).

Try one of these experiments or find one of your own.

_____ 4. †Spend at least one day at the ocean or beach and do at least two activities. Some ideas

walking on the shore
building sandcastles
taking a tour of the area
flying kites
riding a ferry boat
playing beach games
collecting seashells
doing a water sport

_____ 5. †Learn about seaweed

__________6. Take some sand from the beach and examine it. You might like to try this activity:

__________7. Visit an aquarium or a museum with an ocean them or exhibit.

__________8. Read a story about the ocean (fiction or non fiction).

__________9. Make a craft using items from the ocean. Below are some helpful websites:

__________10. Sample some seafood. What did you like and dislike?

__________11. Earn a water-related merit badge or a merit badge related to the ocean or ocean life.
Some examples:
marine life
beach fun

__________12. Earn the Collecting Merit Badge with an ocean-related theme. Some ideas include
seashells sand from different beaches
sea glass
pictures of lighthouses, ocean animals, etc.

__________13. Make two crafts using items from the ocean. Give one to someone as a present. Below
are some helpful websites:

__________14. Make three dishes using seafood. Serve them to your friends or family.

__________15. Learn about one career related to the ocean or beach. Below are some helpful websites:

__________16. Learn about one trade or business associated with the ocean. Some examples include:
Various products manufactured from materials in the ocean
__________17. Compare the trade and commerce of coastal versus inland cities or communities. Write
or present a report.

__________18. Volunteer for an ocean or beach cleanup, environmental, or community service project
that involves the ocean.

__________19. Research an endangered ocean animal

__________21. Scrapbook or journal your trip to the ocean.

Websites: †These websites are not associated with our program and we cannot guarantee
their content. †Please do not surf the internet without your parentís permission.

Some helpful sites include: