Following is a break down of all costs associated with participating in Frontier Girls:

Annual Girl Membership Fee $29 (or $58 per family):

The annual membership fee for participating girls is $29 per girl, or $58 per family for all girls in a single family.  This membership gives girls access to our members only section of the website which has everything they will need to participate in Frontier Girls including all badge requirements, handbooks, outdoor training, songs, games, ceremonies, and more.  Membership also includes a membership pin for each individual girl registered and two pins for each family registered.  Additional pins can be purchased through our store for $3.99 each.  The free pins must be ordered through the store with the registered girl’s name and will be shipped with your first paid order (otherwise shipping will be charged). 

Annual Troop Membership Fee $50:

Each registered troop must pay a $50 annual membership fee.  This fee allows leaders and volunteers access to the members only leader section of our website.  Brochures and marketing materials are also included.  Valid memberships also allow leaders to copy any materials necessary for other volunteers in their troop.  We do not believe in charging people to donate their time, so we do not charge individual adult membership fees.  Troop memberships also come with written permission to use our logo for any troop use as long a you are not making money from it.  You may use our logo to create your own t-shirts, banners, tote-bags, etc.

Dues (variable):

Each Frontier Girls troop is individually owned and operated and dues are paid directly to the troop at the discretion of the troop leader.  On average, dues are approximately $2-$3 per meeting per girl, but this amount may be more or less depending on the activities and goals of your troop.

Uniform (variable):

The Frontier Girls uniform consists of a white shirt, navy bottoms and a red vest.  You may purchase your vest through the Frontier Girls store for $15.99 each or make your own.  Additional uniform accessories are as follows:  flag patch ($1.99), troop numeral patches ($.99 each and you will need 3 for a total of $2.97), Level tab ($1.99), Level ribbons ($.99), Level animal pin – optional ($5.99) . 

Badges and Awards ($1.10-$9.99 each)

All badges are 1.25″ spring back button style pins that sell for $1.10 each.  Higher awards range from $3.99 for Servant’s Hearts to $9.99 for all other awards and leadership pins.


Frontier Girls has no required fundraisers.  Each troop organizes their own fundraisers and keeps 100% of any money earned.  Troops may conduct as many, or as few, fundraisers as necessary each year to reach their goals as long as they follow all local laws.