To get the most out of the Frontier Girls program, each member should complete the following requirements:


emergency preparedness
1. Earn the Emergency Preparedness, Etiquette, and Patriotism badge at least once every three years with the goal of earning them at each level of participation. Leaders should be teaching (or finding teachers) for these badges and completing them with their troop. You can earn them all in the same year, or spread them out (it doesn't matter). Our goal is simply to make sure that girls who go through our program come out as well prepared, polite, and patriotic young ladies.



troop #179


2. Participate in three community service projects each year. One for whoever hosts your troop (Mom and Dad if you are a Pioneer), one for your immediate community, and one of the girls' choice. Troop leaders should make sure that opportunities exist for their girls to complete this requirements.  Hours served count toward Servant's Heart Awards unless they are part of a girl's Make a Difference Project.



3. Earn at least one character badge each year. Troop leaders should work at least one character badge into their yearly programming. If you need ideas on how to combine a character badge with other other badge work, just ask on our Facebook group.





That's it! Everything else is optional and should be geared toward the girls' interests. Though it is not required, we highly recommend all girls earn their Life Skills Achievement Awards if at all possible.