Our Program

Whether you plan to participate as an individual or within a troop, Frontier Girls has a structure that will suit your needs.  Age levels range from preschool through adult and the program is set up specifically for multiple ages to work together.


Program Options

Do you wish to participate as an individual, as part of a formal troop, or part of an informal group?  Are you a member of a military family or do you brothers who wish to earn badges too?  Check out or program options to see which participation format is best for you.


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Age Levels

Frontier Girls is divided into 6 age levels from preschool through adulthood.  Read through each age level and find quick reference sheets for what is offered at each level.






View a breakdown of the costs associated with being a Frontier Girl such as membership fees, uniform costs, dues, etc.




Frontier Girls Clubs FundraisingFundraising

Frontier Girls has no required fundraisers.  Each troop organizes their own fundraisers and keeps 100% of any money earned.  Troops may conduct as many, or as few, fundraisers as necessary each year to reach their goals as long as they follow all local laws.




The Frontier Girls uniform consists of a white shirt, navy bottoms and a red vest.  You may purchase your vest through the Frontier Girls store or make your own.  Additional uniform accessories are as follows:  flag patch, troop numeral patches, Level tab, Level ribbons, Level animal pin – optional. 



Yearly Requirements

In order for girls to get the most out of the Frontier Girls program, we request all girls fulfill certain requirements including earning the Etiquette, Patriotism, and Emergency Preparedness badge at each age level so that at the very least they will emerge polite, patriotic, and well prepared young ladies.



wildflowers badgeBadges

Frontier Girls offers more than 1,200 individual badges and we have made a commitment to write a badge for anything a girl wishes to learn about as long as it is not a controversial subject we feel is better addressed by parents or religious leaders.  Nearly all badges are available at all age levels and are structured so that the girls constantly spiral back and review information and skills if they earn the badge at multiple age levels.




Frontier Girls offers a wide variety of higher awards in addition to our numerous badges. Want to earn a badge from each Area of Discovery? You can earn our Discovery Award! Have you earned over 100 badges at a single level? Check out our WOW! Award!  Want to earn each badge for the character traits in our creed, earn the Fruit of the Spirit Award.  Read about each award below!






Patriotism is a character trait we take very seriously in Frontier Girls. All meetings begin with a formal flag ceremony and girls are taught a proper respect for both flag and country. We are also a strong supporter of our military personnel and have made optional programs available to our troops who want to go Above and Beyond.





Frontier Girls encourages every Frontier Girl to help better her community and the lives of the people around her.  Whether it is through required community service or extra service awards such as our Servant’s Heart Award or Make a Difference Award, we hope girls will live our motto, “If you see a need, take the lead.”