Pen Pals Badge

(Discover the World)

by Adele Nolan


Penguin– Do 3 including 2 starred

Otter - Do 4 including 2 starred

Dolphin - Do 5 including 2 stared

Butterfly - Do 6 including 2 starred

Eagle - Do 7 including 2 starred

Owl - Do 9 including the 2 starred



_____1.*  Research the history of Pen Pals. How did they become popular?


_____2.*  Find a Pen Pal and exchange at least 3 letters or emails.


_____3.  Write your pen pal and tell them about


Your family


Frontier Girls




_____4.  Send your pen pal a handmade gift


_____5.  Visit the post office to learn where your letter goes after you put it in your mail box.


_____6.  If you have a foreign Pen Pal, write about a USA holiday.


_____ 7.  Send your pen pal a birthday card, on their birthday.


_____ 8.  Write your pen pal at least once a month for 4 months.


_____9.  Send your pen pal a postcard from your city and state


_____ 10.  Ask your pen pal at least 5 questions, you wish to know about them, their city, state, country, family, school, etc.


_____ 11.  Make and send a mini scrapbook album about you to your pen pal.