Pinewood Derby Badge

(Discover Science and Technology)

Written by Charlotte (R) Duke, Eagle, Troop 109

and Katie Cordy, Eagle, Troop 101


Penguins: Do 3 requirements, including the 2 starred *.

Otters: Do 4 requirements, including the 2 starred *.

Dolphins: Do 5 requirements, including the 2 starred *.

Butterflies: Do 6 requirements, including the 2 starred *.

Eagles: Do 7 requirements, including the 2 starred *.

Owls: Do 9 requirements, including the 2 starred*.


____ 1*.† Design and build your own Pinewood Derby car from a kit, including any gluing, painting or measuring, and race it.† (Adult supervision is required for Penguins, Otters and Dolphins.)


____ 2*.† Discuss rules and regulations for the race.† Talk about sportsmanship and why it is important during a race. With a parent, guardian or troop leader, role-play examples of good vs. bad sportsmanship.


____ 3.† Learn about the history of Pinewood Derby and tell your troop or family about it.


____ 4.† Research the different types of legal weights (i.e.: bullet weights vs. flat weights) and which ones work best for what shapes of cars.† Also, research the different placements of weights on cars (i.e.: front vs. back or top vs. bottom) and find out which work best for speed and aerodynamics.


____ 5.† Assist the leader in setting up equipment, checking cars in, and/or passing out awards afterwards.


____ 6.† Help a younger child with their car.


____ 7.† Make a small booklet containing drawings of at least 8 different car designs and show it to your family or troop.† Which do you think are the best for racing?† Why?


____ 8.† Talk to others at the race about their cars and ask them why they chose their particular design, how they created the car, if they have ever raced before, and if so, if they ever won anything, etc.


≠≠____ 9.† Make a scrapbook page or collage of photos taken at the race.† Be sure to include photos of the cars, the racetrack and the awards ceremony.


____ 10.† Learn how pinewood derby tracks are designed and built.† Is there more than one design? Try designing your own track.


____ 11.† Discuss the ethics involved in purchasing a readymade car or having an adult build yours for you.† Why would this be considered cheating?† What is the point of the race?† What is it trying to teach youth?


____12.† Many communities have pinewood derby tracks open to the public.† Find out if there is one near you and if so visit it to watch or participate in a race.


____13.† Visit a craft/hobby shop that sells supplies for pinewood derby cars.† Look through the selections of paints, decals, tools, weights, and accessories.† Set and reasonable budget for a car and plan a list of supplies that will fill your needs and still stay in budget.


____14.† Research specialty tools available specifically marketed for making pinewood derby cars.


Good websites: for everything to shop for, along with some how-toís. for some general information. are some serious Derby racers! is another shop.