Program Goals


We hope that every girl who goes through our program will develop certain character traits and skills. These are outlined in our program goals.


  1. Develop Moral Character

Develop a strong moral character that will help girls make sound and ethical decisions throughout their lives.

To love their neighbor as themselves and think of others first.

To give back to their communities and make their world a better place to live.


  1. Develop Interpersonal Skills

Develop the ability to communicate and interact well with others.

Learn to respect others opinions and beliefs.

Understand and respect individual, cultural, religious, and racial differences.

Learn the importance of teamwork as well as how to be an effective leader.


  1. Foster a Love of Learning

Seek a variety of new experiences and challenges

Seek opportunities to learn new skills

Develop a lifelong love of learning.


  1. Develop Confidence and Strength

Demonstrate competence and responsibility

Feel comfortable in a leadership position

Develop the strength to stand up for their convictions and what they believe.