Quilting Badge

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Submitted by Adele Nolan and Kerry Cordy



(You may use any higher level requirement as an optional requirement.)


Penguin:  Do three requirements including the two starred.


_____ 1 *  Learn what a quilt is and look at several different types either in person or through pictures.


_____ 2.*  Make a quilted pillow or other quilting project (at least 4 squares).  For Penguins and Otters, this can be a simple cardstock quilt, sewing squares together with string through holes punched along the edges, or a simple tied quilt where the squares are tied to each other.  Dolphins, Butterflies, Eagles, and Owls should complete a hand or machine quilted project that involves actual sewing.


Otter:  Do four requirements including the two starred.


_____ 1.*  Do Penguin requirements 1 & 2.


_____ 2. *  Be able to identify the basic tools used in quilting including

sewing machine


sewing needles



rotary cutter (parents please use the rotary cutter as its very sharp)

cutting mat






Dolphin:  Do five requirements including the two starred.


_____ 1.*  Do Otter requirements 1 & 2.

_____ 2.*   Learn the following quilting terms:  backing, batting, bias, blocks, borders, seam allowance, strip piecing, and sashing




Butterfly:  Do six requirements including the two starred.


_____ 1.*  Do Dolphin requirements 1 & 2.


_____ 2.*  Choose a quilt pattern.  Measure and cut your fabric (measure twice and cut once!)  Learn how to properly pin your pieces together and then sew your pattern.  Iron and press your seams.  Sew together a quilt front, batting, and quilt back cleanly.


Eagle:  Do seven requirements including the two starred.


_____ 1.*  Do Butterfly requirements 1 & 2.


_____ 2.*  Learn the history of quilting, how are they made differently now?  How were quilts used in the Civil War?



Owl:  Do 9 requirements including the 2 starred:

_____ 1. *  Do Eagle requirements 1 & 2

_____ 2. *  Teach someone how to do a skill from this badge or teach some knowledge about this badge to someone.   You can teach kids, your spouse, seniors, anyone, just as long as you are sharing your new found knowledge.   If for some reason you cannot teach what you have learned to someone else, you may choose an additional 2 optional requirements instead.



Optional Requirements:


_____ 3.  Participate in a community service project that involves quilting.  Ideas might include quilting dog beds for the local animal shelter, quilting blankets for the local homeless shelter, or baby blankets for a hospital.


_____ 4.  Make a sampler quilt.  Using a different pattern for each square.


_____ 5.  Make a friendship quilt with each friend decorating one square.  This is a great troop project with each girl decorating one square.


_____ 6.  Read a “how to” book about quilting.  Be sure it has good pictures and is easy to understand.


_____ 7.  Be able to identify 6 different quilt patterns by name.


_____ 8.  What careers are there that involve quilting?  Research one and find out what the average wage is, hours worked, and where you might have to live.


_____ 9.  Explain what type of fabric is used in quilting and why?


_____ 10.  Earn the sewing badge.


_____ 11. Make a doll quilt.


_____ 12.  Make a quilted article of clothing.


_____ 13.  Make a quilted pillow.


_____ 14.  Get some practice fabric and familiarize yourself with your sewing machine.  Be sure you can sew a ¼ in from the edge of your fabric and work on sewing in straight lines.  Continue until you are confident enough to attempt an actual quilt pattern.




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