Relationship Skills

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Submitted by Adele Nolan


Penguins:  Do 3 requirements including the two starred.

Otters:  Do 4 requirements including the two starred.

Dolphins:  Do 5 requirements including the two starred.

Butterflies:  Do 6 requirements including the two starred.

Eagles:  Do 7 requirements including the two starred.

Owls: Do 9 requirements including the two starred.


_____ 1.*  Discuss what makes up a relationship  What types of relationships are there? (friends, family, co-workers, etc.).  How do they differ?  Explain what makes a healthy relationship.


_____ 2.*  For one week, keep a list of in-appropriate relationship behavior demonstrated in the books your read and the movies and TV shows that you watch.  At the end of the week, review your list.  Could the author or director have still told the story if they had their characters behave in a more modest or appropriate manner?  If not, was the story still worth telling?  Think about what you read and watch and whether or not you need to make changes in your own behavior. (Penguins and Otters may discuss relationships in their books and shows with parents as they occur rather than keeping a written list.)


_____ 3.  Interview 3 people of 3 different age groups and find out their views on relationships.  What do they consider essential elements in each type of relationship? (family, friends, dating partner, spouse, co-workers, etc.)


_____ 4.  Make a piece of artwork that shows what relationship means to you.


_____ 5.  Create a short skit about relationships and perform it for your family or troop.


_____ 6.  (For Dolphins and up) Come up with at least 10 interview questions to cover topics such as dating, marriage, courtship etc.  and interview at least 10 people roughly your own age.   Compare the answers you received to your own views and discuss them with a parent.


_____ 7.  Look at our culture in America today and identify 6 areas in which relationships are frequently lacking.


_____ 8.  Earn the modesty badge.


_____ 9.  (For Dolphins and up) Talk with your parents and ask them what your family’s views on dating and boys are.  Why do they have these views?  How will these views affect you both now and in the future?


_____ 10.  Earn a character badge for a trait you consider important for a good relationship with others.  Examples might include patience, respectfulness, or honesty.  Explain how this character trait can make a healthier relationship.


_____ 11.  Role play different relationship situations.  Show the difference between a healthy relationship and an unhealthy one.


_____ 12.  (For Butterflies and up only)  Learn about domestic abuse and violence.  Know what local resources are available for victims and how to contact them.  Why do some women stay in a relationship even if it is abusive?


_____ 13.  Earn the anti-bullying badge.