Rocks and  Minerals
(Discover the Outdoors)
by Kerry  Cordy
(You may use  any  higher level requirement as an optional requirement as well as those listed at  the end of the  badge.)
Penguin:  Do three requirements including  the two starred.
_____ 1 *   Go outside and find three  different rocks.  Answer the following questions:
Where did you find each  one?
What color is it?
Are there any patterns in your rock such as stripes  or flecks?
Is it heavy or light?
Does it break easily?
_____ 2.*   Collect at least 20 small rocks and sort them by color, shape, or  size.

Otter:  Do four requirements  including the two starred.

_____ 1.*  Do Penguin requirements 1  & 2.

_____ 2. *  Draw the four layers of the earth; crust, inner  core, outer core, and mantle.

Dolphin:  Do five requirements  including the two starred.

_____ 1.*  Do Otter requirements 1  & 2.  Find out the names of at least three of your rocks.

_____ 2.*   Understand the difference between igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks  and how each are  formed.

Butterfly:  Do six requirements including the two starred.

_____ 1.*  Do Dolphin requirements 1 & 2.  Know the names of at least 5 rocks you have collected.  For each of the 5 rocks you identified, answer the following questions:

Where did it come from?
What is the name of your specimen?
What color is it?
Do we make use of it?  If so, how?
Is it igneous, sedimentary, or metamorphic?
Is it hard or soft?
Is it heavy or light as compared to aluminum or lead?
Does it contain visible minerals?  If so, what?

_____ 2.*  Understand the difference between a rock and a mineral.  Make a list of at least 50 minerals and learn about at least 5 of them.

Eagle:  Do seven requirements including the two starred.

_____ 1.*  Do Butterfly requirements 1 & 2.

_____ 2.*  Learn about the history of minerals such as gold, silver, and copper and how they have effected various cultures.

Owl:  Do 9 requirements including the 2 starred:

_____ 1. *  Do Eagle requirements 1 & 2

_____ 2. *  Teach someone how to do a skill from this badge or teach some knowledge about this badge to someone.   You can teach kids, your spouse, seniors, anyone, just as long as you are sharing your new found knowledge.   If for some reason you cannot teach what you have learned to someone else, you may choose an additional 2 optional requirements instead.


Optional Requirements:

_____ 3.  Make a craft using rocks.

_____ 4.  Learn about what erosion is and how it effects the land.  Find at least 3 examples of erosion in your neighborhood.

_____ 5.  Look around your neighborhood and see how many things you can find that are made out of rock such as sidewalks, or buildings.  Butterflies, Eagles, and Owls should know what type of rock was used and why.

_____ 6.  Participate in a community service project that involves rocks or minerals. Examples might include volunteering to help at rock and mineral show or helping with an erosion control project.

_____ 7.  Make a  list of precious and semi-precious stones used for adornment.  Be able to  recognize and name  at least 10 and find out where they come from.

_____ 8. Take a field trip to a place of geologic interest. Write a short essay or draw a picture about what you learned.

_____ 9.  Make an edible craft to represent your study of rocks.  Examples might include rock candy, dirt cupcakes, candy jewelry, chocolate rocks, etc.

_____ 10.  Visit a lapidary (artist who works with gemstones) and find out about their craft.

_____ 11.  Attend a rock and mineral show or exhibit.

_____ 12.  Dirt and sand are simply broken down pieces of rock.  Create an art project using soil, clay, or sand.  Examples might be a colored sand jar, pottery, chalk drawings, etc.

_____ 13.  Start a rock collection.  Find a box or object to store your rocks in.  Collect rocks from at least 5 different locations away from your home.


_____ 14.  Learn about stalactites and stalagmites.  What are they made of?  What causes them?  View pictures online (with parent permission) or in a book, and if possible, visit an actual cavern to see them in person.
_____ 15.  Learn about careers that involve rocks such as a geologist, soil engineer, mineralogist, geochronologist, miner, geochemist, stratigrapher, lapidarist, etc.
_____ 16.  Choose one piece of geological equipment to learn more about.  Explain how the item is used, why it is important, and find out how much one would cost to purchase.  Examples might include microscopes, cameras, safety glasses, geologist hammer, rock polisher, etc.
_____ 17.  Learn about at least 5 famous rocks around the world.  Examples might include the Hope Diamond, Uluru, Rock of Gibraltar, or Mount Rushmore.
Websites:  These websites are not associated with our program and we cannot guarantee their content.   Please do not surf the internet without your parent's permission.The Mineral and Gemstone Kingdom - great reference site for information on rocks and minerals. Rock Activity for learning about age dating

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