Rodeo Badgerodeo

(Discover the Outdoors)

Written by Charlotte (R) Duke, Eagle, Troop 109

Badge idea provided by Beth Vicoryosmanson

(You may use any higher level requirement as an optional requirement if appropriate.)



Penguins: Do three requirements including the one starred *.

____ 1*.  Learn what a rodeo is.  What kinds of animals are used in rodeos?



Otters: Do four requirements including the two starred *.

____ 1*.  Do Penguin requirement 1.  Which is your favorite animal in the rodeo?


____ 2*.  Learn about the different events featured in a rodeo and how rodeos first began.  What is the purpose of each event?



Dolphins: Do five requirements including the two starred *.

____ 1*.  Do Otter requirements 1 & 2, and make a list of items that are used by cowboys/cowgirls during a rodeo, such as saddles, bridles, lassos, chaps, spurs, etc.


____ 2*.  Make a timeline of rodeo history. You must have at least 10 dates on your timeline.



Butterflies: Do six requirements including the two starred *.

____ 1*.  Do Dolphin requirements 1 & 2.  You must have at least 15 items on your timeline.


____ 2*.  Read a biography of a famous rodeo rider or clown.



Eagles: Do seven requirements including the two starred *.

____ 1*.  Do Butterfly requirements 1 & 2. You must have at least 20 items on your timeline.


____ 2*.  Research a famous rodeo in history. Tell your family or Troop what you learned.


Owl:  Do 9 requirements including the 2 starred:

_____ 1. *  Do Eagle requirements 1 & 2


_____ 2. *  Teach someone how to do a skill from this badge or teach some knowledge about this badge to someone.   You can teach kids, your spouse, seniors, anyone, just as long as you are sharing your new found knowledge.   If for some reason you cannot teach what you have learned to someone else, you may choose an additional 2 optional requirements instead.



Optional Requirements:

____ 3.  Earn the Cowgirl merit badge at your level.


____ 4.  Write an essay about rodeos. Be sure to include important dates, names of famous rodeo riders, etc.


____ 5.  Attend a rodeo or watch one on TV (with your parent's permission).  Which event did you most enjoy watching?  Which did you least enjoy?


____ 6.  Learn about careers in the rodeo business, such as a cowboy or a veterinarian. What kind of training/education is required?  What are working hours typically like and what hourly pay-rate/salary can you expect?  Butterflies and up only: if possible, shadow someone for a day who works in the rodeo business.


____ 7.  Find at least three songs about cowboys/cowgirls or rodeos and learn one of them. Examples might include, Rodeo Rider, by Johnny Rodriguez; Strawberry Roan, by Carson Robison; or Whoopi-Ti-Yi-Yo by the Sons of the Pioneers.


____ 8.  Learn about bullfighting. How is it different from a rodeo? What is the difference between a matador and a toreador?


____ 9.  Find out what spurs are, and what they are used for. Look at pictures of different styles of spurs, such as the Prince of Wales style.


_____ 10.  Learn about the role of the rodeo clown.  Explain why this job is so important.


____ 11. Learn about the Little Britches Rodeo. Children of what ages can compete in it? What is “mutton busting”? Tell your family or Troop what you learn. If possible, attend a children's rodeo.


____ 12.  Longhorn cattle are the breed usually used in rodeos.  Learn about this breed and where it came from. Tell your family or Troop what you learned.


____ 13.  Learn how to tie a noose/slipknot and how to lasso something stationary, such as a fence post. (Safety note: do not attempt to lasso anything alive that could potentially hurt you or it.)


____ 14.  Make a collage, poster, or scrapbook page showing what you have learned while earning this badge. Show it to your family or Troop.


_____ 15.  Learn about the safety equipment and clothing that are used at rodeos.  How have safety standards changed during the history of rodeos?