S.W.A.P.S Badge

(Discover Art)

submitted by Adele Nolan


SWAPS  are small craft  items that can be pinned for display somewhere on a jacket, a backpack, a sash, or a scarf and is a perfect way for girl’s to meet each other and promote friendship. Each SWAP item is a memory of a special event or of a Sister in Frontier Girls and stands for “Souvenir With A Purpose”. Each swap should have a safety pin on the item to attach to your display.


Penguins: Do 3 requirements including the 2 starred
Otter: Do 4 requirements including the 2 starred
Dolphin: Do 5 requirements including the 2 starred
Butterfly: Do 6 requirements including the 2 starred
Eagle: Do 7 requirements including the 2 starred

Owls: Do 9 requirements including the 2 starred



_____ 1.*  Help set up a SWAPS.  Discuss  if you are going to swap within your troop or with another troop, as individuals or as a group. If you decide to swap with another troop, make sure to communicate with them off and on.


_____ 2.*  Decide on the theme for your SWAPS, holiday, food, badge, state swap, just for fun, to celebrate a holiday, to help in earning in a badge. Etc.  Keep in mind that SWAPS should represent the person giving it in some way.  Make a SWAPS.  Make sure all pins have a message about the pin and /or your Troop number or name.



_____ 3.  Show that you know when your SWAPS are due and when you are going to be mailing and/or giving your SWAPS.  Make sure that everything is ready and turned in on time.


_____ 4.  Make or choose a display for your SWAPS.  You might make a banner, sash, or scarf, or decide to pin them on a special tote bag, backpack, jacket, or hat.


_____ 5.  Make a SWAPS out of recycled materials and without spending any money


_____ 6.  With the permission of a parent search the internet for SWAPS ideas.  A great website is


_____ 7.  Learn the history of SWAPS (hint:  they originated with the Girl Scouts)


_____ 8.  Make a SWAPS using craft foam


_____ 9.  Make a SWAPS using beads


_____ 10.  Make a SWAPS using computer technology.  Examples might include using print outs of the Frontier Girls logo, or your state flag and laminating them or using decoupage to seal them to other objects.


_____ 11.  Once you receive your new swap item talk about it within your family or troop. How does it make you feel?


_____ 12.  As you build your collection of SWAPS, discuss which is your favorite and why.


_____ 13.  Create a booklet of creative SWAPS designs.


_____ 14.  Design your own SWAPS around the theme of our choice.