(Discover Character)

By Katie Lundquist, Troop 159


Penguin (Do 3 requirements including the 2 starred)

Otter (Do 4 requirements including the 2 starred)

Dolphin (Do 5 requirements including the 2 starred)

Butterfly (Do 6 requirements including the 2 starred)

Eagle (Do 7 requirements including the 2 starred)

Owl (Do 9 requirements including the 2 starred)


_____1.  * Discuss with a parent or adult what thankfulness means.

_____2.  * Create a “30 days of thankfulness” journal.  For one month, write down one thing each day that you are thankful for.  Share it with your parent or leader.

_____3.  Draw a picture of what thankfulness means to you.

_____ 4.  Write an essay about what thankfulness means to you.

_____ 5.  Write a story or skit where thankfulness plays an important role.

_____ 6.  Read a biography about someone known for their thankfulness.

_____ 7.  What does your book of worship say about thankfulness?  Memorize at least 3 verses about thankfulness if you are an Otter or Dolphin, 5 if you are a Butterfly, Eagle, or Owl.

_____ 8.  Memorize or write a poem about thankfulness.

_____ 9.  Find and memorize at least 3 famous quotes about thankfulness.

_____ 10.   Write the word THANKFULNESS on a piece of paper and then think of one way to show you are thankful that starts with each letter in the word. For example for “T”, you could put “Thank a veteran for his/her service in some way” and for “H” you might put “Have a tea party to honor a senior in your life”.

_____ 11.  Perform a service to show someone or a group that you are thankful for what they do.  For example, you could make cookies for the local fire department, spend time playing games with grandparents or other older people, or bring cards to the local VFW/American Legion for the next holiday.

_____ 12.  Learn about the first Thanksgiving in the United States and why we celebrate it today.

_____ 13.  Create a “Thanksgiving Tree” with your troop or family.

Construction paper in fall colors
Glue stick
How to make Thanksgiving tree:
Cut thanksgiving leaf shapes or handprints out of colored construction paper.  Draw a tree trunk and branches on a piece of cardboard. Ask your friends and family to name things for which they are thankful and write them on each leaf.  Glue the leaves. You can pin the thanksgiving tree to a bulletin board, or butcher paper, and hang it up.


A fun game to try:

There is a fun game I try to play with my kids around their birthdays and Christmas, but its fun whenever. You get gift bags and you go around and find random things to put in them and then exchange them and everyone has to find at least one or two things about the "gift" that they like. It can get funny, but it can also show that we need to be thankful for everything and it helps get them in the habit of saying " Thank you for the ______, I really like it because ______" So if someone gets a toilet paper roll, its "Thank you for this awesome toilet paper roll, I really like it because I can make it into a telescope and I love to explore.' The crazier the better. Its helps them to see the good in everything you get, even if you have to reach deep to figure it out.


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