10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Frontier Girls

1. Frontier Girls helps to develop a life long love of learning.

Our program offers more than 1200 individual badges in nine Areas of Discovery. We have made a commitment to write a badge for just about any subject a girl wishes to learn about Рas long as it is not a controversial subject we feel is better addressed by parents and religious leaders. We have badges on traditional subjects such as cooking, first aid, camping, and crafts, but also on topics such as chocolate, spies, beekeeping, and genetics. Frontier Girls has something for everyone!

2.  Frontier Girls focuses on  good character.

We dedicate an entire Area of Discovery to badges on character traits we feel will make girls better and stronger people. Examples include honesty, responsibility, modesty, and joy.

3.  Frontier Girls promotes community service.

We encourage every Frontier Girl¬†to participate in a minimum of three service projects each year. One for whoever hosts her troop, one for her immediate community, and one on-going project of their choice. For example,¬†a¬†troop¬†may weed the parking lot of the church who hosts them, plant trees in their local forest, and have an on-going canned food collection for the local food bank. Girls can earn Servant’s Heart Awards for donating a certain number of hours to their community, or they can earn Make a Difference Awards for leading and organizing their own community service project.

4.  Frontier Girls supports our military and veterans and encourages patriotism within its members.

As a company¬†we work closely with veterans groups such as the American Legion and VFW posts and the Any Soldier program that sends care packages overseas to active service men and women. Girls from military families are “Patriots” and wear a special¬†red/white/blue ribbon on their level tab along with the Service Flag pin or Veteran Flag pin. Every Frontier Girl is¬†encouraged to earn either the Patriotism or Our Flag badge at every level of Frontier Girls. Girls are taught proper respect for flag and country and each meeting should¬†start with a formal flag ceremony. We also offer a Liberty Award to girls who earn all five of the following badges: U.S. History, U.S. Constitution, Government, Elections, and Patriotism.

5.  Frontier Girls is designed for multi-age troops.

Most of our badges and awards are offered at every level from preschool through adult, allowing girls and women of all ages to work on the same badge at the same time with  the requirements getting more difficult as the girls get older. This allows families with more than one daughter to have all girls in a single troop and allows mothers who also wish to earn badges to earn them alongside her daughter. It also gives younger girls role models closer to their own age, while giving older girls more leadership opportunities. Frontier Girls provides leadership opportunities for girls of all ages. Girls in 3rd through 12th grade may hold a variety of leadership positions within their troop, and girls in grades K-12 may also earn leadership awards by developing and demonstrating leadership skills. Skills include such things as decision making, responsibility, communication, fairness, organization, and more.

6.  Frontier Girls is cost effective.

Frontier Girls offers a family membership for households with 2 ore more girls participating that covers all members in a single household to keep costs low.   Since Frontier Girls is an ever evolving program, everything is online only with no extra books to purchase.  We post all new materials online as soon as they become available. As long as your website subscription is in good standing, you will always have access to the latest handbooks, badge requirements, resources, and other materials at no extra cost. There are never new books or supplemental materials to buy.   Frontier Girls does not have any national fundraisers either. Each troop is responsible for their own fundraisers and keep 100% of any money earned.

7.  Frontier Girls honors the badge requirements of other age appropriate scouting style programs such as the Boy Scouts.

Frontier Girls is a very flexible program and we encourage interaction with other scouting organizations. This way if you have a Boy Scout troop or other organization that you would like to work with for a particular activity, you may use the their badge requirements for earning your badge rather than the Frontier Girls ones, making programming easier for all involved. We also encourage Frontier Girls to be active in any local all scout activities such as community service projects or jamborees. This allows families with both boys and girls to work on projects together. It also allows Frontier Girls troops to combine activities with other scouting organizations in their area for badge days, community service, etc. without worrying about exactly which of the other organization’s requirements match our own.

8.  Girls can participate as individuals.

If you cannot find a troop near you that works with your schedule, you may participate in Frontier Girls as an individual “Pioneer.” Frontier Girls has an active Facebook Group where the girls can share their projects and accomplishments with other Frontier Girls around the country. We can also help match up Pioneers with other girls around the country for pen-pals, SWAPS, and even to work on badges and project together via email, Skype, Zoom, etc.

9.  Frontier Girls is a grassroots organization.

Our program is constantly growing and improving thanks to input from our members. We listen to our members when they have a problem or suggestion and respond quickly. In addition to email support from our main office, we also have a very active group of leaders on our Frontier Girls Forum Facebook group that have decades of scouting experience behind them just waiting to help you in any way they can. We can usually answer any questions you may have, or solve any problem within 24 hours.

10.  Membership is open to girls of all faiths and religions who can recite and live by our promise and creed.

While all Frontier Girl members and volunteers are required to have a belief in God, we do not require a belief in any particular religion and all faiths are welcome. We believe that it is important to realize that we are accountable to a higher power for the lives that we live and to give thanks for the blessings that we receive. Prayer is welcome at our meetings, though specific religious doctrine should only be taught at troop meetings if the troop is owned by a specific church and parents are aware that  this doctrine will be part of their program.